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CelestialEquine: July Updates!


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July Updates!

Good Afternoon, CE players!

I hope you all have been thoroughly enjoying our recent releases! Today we are providing updates around developmental progress, new feature releases, bug updates, and new Cash Shop breeds.

First off - we would like to address our recent bug fixes. After fiddling with our pesky mane/tail bug for nearly a year, we have finally solved our issue regarding registering matching mane and tails! If you have previously registered a breed that seemed to be missing some of it’s parts, feel free to go back and modify your breed entry now. All parts will be available for registration.

Next up - we are working very hard to identify and correct any instance of disabled items (specifically player items) being released through game scripts. We initially thought this was happening through sprite drops, but it appears the leak could be stemming from the welcome packs given to brand-new accounts. I will provide further updates within the next 2-3 days around this issue - but I believe we have figured out where it is coming from. Thank you to those of you who helped investigate and find a pattern!

Onto the fun stuff! After being slammed with back to back holiday weekends, our dev is finally getting back on track to finish up our next set of bug releases and feature tweaks! Here is a quick reminder of what is to come (hopefully by Tuesday):

- Add approved creators to private breeds (players who own private breeds can approve/deny players who have requested permission to create their breeds). Players can charge coins, gems, or have zero fee.
- Quest rollover bug (players being reset to level 0)
- Foal ownership bug (Whoever pays the breeding fee should get the foal)
- Disabled item bug

Though these items seem small, these are very important additions/fixes to ensure a bug-free game! After this set is complete, we will push our Item Book and Gene Book into development.

We will also be combing through the player suggestion area starting this week to grab more highly desired suggestions! Please be aware the forums should be where all official suggestions are made so we can see all player input. We love the Discord, but suggestions tend to get flooded out very quickly.

Next up, we have some beautiful additions to the Cash Shop! Sea Witch wearables (so much GOLD!) and a handful of new genes have been added to the item area. In addition to items, we have also added two new special breeds! We have two more water-themed releases scheduled for this month, so be sure to check back for more updates.

Lastly, we have released chapter 9 of our Celestial Lore! Check it out here.

Thank you all for reading! Check back soon for more updates.


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