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CelestialEquine: Bug Fixes and Development updates!


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Bug Fixes and Development updates!

Good evening, CE players!

This news update will cover some recent new releases, development updates, bug fixes, and pending releases! We also have a lore chapter on the way along with some lore integration to our currently available game features!

First off, we are thrilled to announce we have made changes to our breeding script! Previously, foals always stayed with the owner of the mare. We have revised the breeding process to ensure foals bred from two different players always go to the player who paid the breeding fee! In addition to these changes, we have modified the notifications sent when a breeding request has been sent, and after the breeding is approved. Who is excited to breed without waiting for their foals to be sent through the trade board?!

Next, we have also made revisions to our Elder Quest game! The Quests were resetting players back to level one despite the level being completed, so we have now entered the testing phase of this fix. We would appreciate it if players would try out a few levels and check back in an hour to see if you were reset. This will help us identify any residual bugs!

In addition to fixing the Quest bug, this feature is about to receive a wonderful overhaul to integrate lore! Mini-stories and beautiful artwork will make an arrival by September, so be on the lookout for a fun little update.

We are still working on adding approved creators to private breeds along with the approval process, which is expected to be wrapped up next weekend. Thank you all for your patience while we work on these builds! Breeds and creation is the heartbeat of CE, so we want to ensure this build is done thoroughly and correctly.

Next up we have a little preview for pending feature releases and updates!

Development Cue:
- Ability to cancel trade offers and trade lots (fixing the stuck horse bug)
- Remove the ability for players to post "stickied" forum threads (staff only)
- Horse retirement bug resolution
- Add a link to add a horse to trade/auction from the profile
- Add a link to add an item to trade/auction from inventory
- Add cool down text to barn view for horses
- Ability to retire a horse at any age (previously only age 18)
- Unlimited quantity in inventory for player items (commissioned genes or wearable)

When the list above is completed, we will shift our focus back to the highly requested reference books for genes and items! This will also tie into horse profiles in the form of hyperlinks to each gene's "book entry".

I hope you all are excited about these up and coming builds! Remember, we grab almost all of our game tweaks from the suggestion area, so be sure to post your suggestions or reply to suggestions you love. The discord is great for discussion, but will likely be missed by staff :)

In addition to development updates, we also have a number of new items, genes, and cash shop breeds recently released onto the game! We are shifting into a new theme for August, which is an Angelic/War emphasis; Valkyrie! Genes and wearables will continue to release all through August, which will then shift to our next theme; Moroccan Ruins!

Current Cash Shop items and Spotlight Events will be cycled out on the last day of July, so be sure to grab those items while you can. The new natural body color and Reaper Ram horns will be available through August as it fits our next theme.

To wrap up today's post, we new lore chapter will land tonight at 9:30pm central time. Who is ready to read the next chapter? I know we are!

Thank you,

CE Staff

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