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Selling: Character Commissions

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My husband and I are moving next week and we're a little short on funds for the deposit (they decided we'd need last month's rent in advance as well and so we're trying to scrape it together). To make up the difference before the 9th I'm taking some quick character commissions!

The image file will be 400x600px - waist up only. I have a strong anime style. I retain all rights to share artwork to my portfolio/dA. Artwork is for personal use only. I will have my signature on each piece, please do not remove it. Please send me a PM to discuss details!

Pricing - USD via PayPal
• Lines+Flat Colors - $10 per character
• Cel-shaded - $20 per character

Will Draw:
Ladies, all the ladies
Partial Anthro (ie. neko ears)
Fandom OCs (star wars, etc.)

Won't Draw:
Full Anthro/Furries
Intricate Armor (chainmail x.x)
NSFW content
Excessive violence/gore

I'm open to trying new things and getting better at what I'm not so good at. If you see something not listed here and would like me to give it a try, then shoot me a PM!


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