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Moderator/Staff Search!


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Good afternoon, everyone! Celestial Equine is growing rapidly and we are in need of additional staff members. Interested in getting involved? Keep reading to learn more about our open positions!


Moderator Openings

We are looking to select (3) new moderators to be available via discord and monitor player forum posts/shouts on the game side. We are a very tight-knit team and seek long-term staff members! Moderators receive a free upgraded account and the associated perks! In addition to monitoring conversation, we encourage moderators to get involved, host mini-giveaways, and give feedback in the staff discord chats. If this is something you are interested in, feel free to reach out via Discord or private message here!


Administrative Openings

In addition to moderators, we are also searching for (3) new administrative helpers to assist in the release of new genetics and items. We have a massive backlog of wearables, battle items, and genetics pending release but lack the manpower to get it done. This position will also be rewarded with a free upgraded account along with the ability to request special versions of newly released items/genes. Experience with photoshop/sai is a plus! If interested, please reach out via Discord or private message!

Discord: Mae#0107

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