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Looking for Help Building a Canine Showing/Breeding Game


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Hi All,

   I'm hoping to find someone interested in creating a canine showing/breeding sim that would be willing to do work as a "partner" in the venture or that is willing to work with me on billing/payments. 

I've been playing one particular canine sim game since 2009 - unfortunately, the game owner has basically abandoned the game and no updates other than bandaids here and there to keep the game running have been done in probably 6-7 years.(or longer) Myself and a fairly decent sized group of other players are still sticking around because everything else about the game is pretty awesome. Unfortunately with no updates and the current bugs - we lose our long term players and have a horrible time keeping new players.

I'm pretty confident I can help with database files and we have a few players that can probably help with graphics/art work - and I know if I can get a game plan together there will be folks willing to help finance the project.

We're looking for a game based on the American Kennel Club dog breeds with conformation and performance events.
Many of our players have shown or actively show and what's most important is the realistic show / judging system.

To my knowledge - there is one canine sim based on the Canadian kennel club and that sim also offers performance titles - but it has no breed pictures and hasn't had any major updates since it was first released.
Then there are a couple of canine sims that are "cutesy/cartoonish" - they're not bad - but just not what our older player base is looking for. (You have to equip things to the dogs to boost traits, etc)
Then the most recent canine sim I found is based on the UK Kennel club and it also allows you to create your own breeds. This one is interesting, but with a full page of physical traits and all the hereditary diseases - it's almost too much to deal with.

We want a game where we can log in - train the dogs, enter shows, check the daily show results and breed the next generation.

Anyway - I'm talking with the other players and I've been wishing I could code for years so I've got tons of ideas - we just need someone to help us make it happen.


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Additional thoughts -

Imports/Foundation Dogs - will be purchased from Customs/Imports - The import store will offer a number of different breeds - with a new batch of dogs being offered every 6 hours.  Various breeds, sexes, ages, quality - this would allow players looking for missing genetics to get those genes into the game - or an opportunity to bring in new breeds.

*As AKC introduces new breeds - the game will also add those breeds into play.

*Custom dogs - players can pay to create Custom dogs - they choose breed, sex and color genetics. Conformation/Performance stats are randomly assigned.

For all breeds color genetics will be based on AKC info - we'll use AKC list of registerable colors for each breed to determine colors available for each breed. (Some colors will be DQ in the show ring.)

Each player will start with space for 5 dogs and is allowed to have 1 dog pregnant at a time.

To gain more slots a player will need to reach a certain level in order to purchase a new kennel building which will give space for 10 more dogs - in a similar manner the number of pregnant bitches would increase as the players level increases. (Maybe purchasing a Whelping Shed or Puppy Building)

I'd also like to incorporate breed knowledge into the game - so leveling up would require players to answer questions about their breed's AKC standard or general dog knowledge questions.

"Free" players would be maxed at 15 Dogs and 5 pregnancies at one time.
Subscribers maybe 55 dogs and 10 pregnancies - with additional +10 Kennel Buildings available for $ purchase.



Our current game just had another long time player leave ?
Is there anyone that can help us build our game?

Or is anyone already planning an AKC based canine sim?


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