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Looking for someone familiar with Mysidia Adopts Pet Site


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I need a few fairly simple (I think )  Mods coded in for the Mysidia Pet Site I run. Mine is pretty modded itself, but what I need are a few basic things, like:


**First Coding Jobs:


1. Installing a color picker that will work to color in an item - say a marking - and then allow the buyer to purchase that particular colored in version, while leaving the original intact. I need to use color picker for markings and pet bases, and cant seem to work it out.

I will pay 20 bucks for this mod to be successfully coded. It shouldn't be too hard at all, I just fail lol.

2. A way to take the layers of images I use to show my full pet (Markings layers + Base layer)  and make a flattened image that can be shared and shown, while still keeping the layers separate for the Myadopts page, and breeding, everything else.  Basically just a flattened version that can be stored in a field and shown somewhere, that doesn't affect anything else.

I will pay 15 bucks for this mod.

You *must* be very familiar with the current Mysidia Adoptables framework. I dont have the know how to explain it lol. I can do some in phpMyadmin to add fields and things like that, but nope to intensive.

**Second Coding Job:


I also run a modded version of the old Rusnak My Adopts script.

I'd like a Color picker added to the pet generator I have on there too, 15 Bucks for this one. This may need special TLC because there is some form of it on there, a palette of color. But when the colored marking is applied to the Base of the pet, there is a white halo! Ugh. Do NOT want this white halo around the applied markings.


I think thats it for now, thanks for looking, and I look forward to hearing from you  :)

Please no advice/warnings on how old/vulnerable these scripts are, I already know  :)



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