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Do you have any furry (or not furry) friends?


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Yes, I have two cats and a dog.

I homeschool my kids and have a few other children to watch on occasion, so we do love our fur babies around here! My cat is currently curled up on my son's bed with him (maybe he thinks it's another kitty?), and the dog just found her new best friend in the goat from across the street. I think they bring us good luck because we only recently had some good luck finding this house- after many years of looking- where no one has lived for far too long. And now it's coming back alive with kids, cats, dogs - what more can you ask for? Good luck in finding your new furry friend! :)

Dog products can be found online on an assortment of websites. Many people turn to pet stores, but some companies only sell online, or have limited selections in store. I recommend https://www.dogurus.com/, they have everything that will show you a list of dog products available for purchase. You'll find everything from Bowties to Collars, Chew Toys and much more!

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LOL I did the same as dracula. ? Then did a double take and thought "wait this is the wrong site for that-"

My family has 3 cats! ? I plan to get a cat after I finish uni and get my own place~ ?

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