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Seeking artist for pet designs (Working conecpt)

Earl Grey

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EDIT: No longer looking at this time. - Thanks for everyone who has shown interest

I’ve been working on a concept and would like to look at bringing it into a more refined stage. I have already finished most of the base code and have a working concept ready.
Next I am looking for artwork for the pets.

These will all have to be unique creatures which can be adopted/raised in the game.

There must be several color variants of each creature as there will be breeding done.

I am hoping to team up with someone to create the first batch of pets which can be used for internal testing and then to go into a public alpha.

This is about the project:

This is a concept for a pet page which you would share with your friends:

This is a profile layout:

If you are interested, please do message me or feel free to ask questions below.
I would like to have a sample of original creatures you have designed if possible or a link to your portfolio

Please only apply if you are looking to work on this for the long-haul. It's no use if you give up after a week/month. It's going to be a lot of work, it's going to be hard and you will need to motivate yourself (I have!). But once we get there, you'll be glad you did!



A personal note:

I feel that the world of virutal pets and ARPGs are stuck in the past. Many clunky or counter-intuitive interfaces, no clear direction for new players and each seem to be copying the formula of each other. - It's time to break the mold and modernize the genres with new, modern and fresh ideas/designs!

I am hoping to create a very small and personal team (If possible just myself and an artist to begin with) so that we can focus on our own areas without tripping over other people. I will be handling basically every area other than artwork to the best of my abilities.

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