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Looking for PHP Programmer!


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Hello! I'm currently running an ARPG site ( play.pacapillars.com) and I'm looking to add some features/QoL changes.

The website uses a framework based on Laravel. I'd prefer to work with someone that is quite familiarized with PHP.
Currently we are mostly looking for quotes and see what is within our possibilities currently.

You can contact me on Dandy ? Nokkel#9138 (I'd highly prefer to do it through this method since I can elaborate more about the project this way). If you have problems adding me, you can message me through here so that I can add you on Discord :)

Here are some of the things we'd be looking to add, but there are some others we'd like to have in the near future (I'd prefer discussing these privately)

♦ Add FAQ to the page footer
♦ Add a "use" button to the Mystery Core item, clicking it removes the item from the inventory and creates a Common MYO slot, listing the user as the owner.
♦ Add commas every 3 zeroes when displaying currency to make big numbers more readable

♦Add a Shelter system, where Pacapillars can be adopted for a Leaflet price. This can be done by listing all Pacapillars that are owned by "Admin" (or a shelter-only account) and have the Visibility turned on, when a user adopts a Pacapillar from the shelter, it gets added to their account.

♦ Add to Pacapillar Character page:
-Rename current "Images" tab to "Forms", users cannot add forms but admins can.
   -> Add a "new form" approval on the admin panel and on the requests users can make. Users can attach an item (a ticket that grants a form) and submit it for it to be added to the "Forms" tab of an existing character.
-Character Inventory, being able to grant items to characters, add checkbox on the "edit item" page that says "can be held by characters"

♦ Add a way to "use" berries on a MYO slot to upgrade the rarity. Maybe through an "upgrade" tab on the MYO ML entry? Or by clicking the berry in your inventory and selecting which MYO slot you want to upgrade. The name of the slot will change to reflect the new rarity (example: "Common MYO slot" changes to "Rare MYO slot")

♦ Add a "free gifts" page where users can claim free currency/items for a limited time frame. Admins can create/remove listings and set an "expiration date" for gift claims.

♦A basic farming mini-game (you plant seed "items" and can water them once a day, after x waterings the seed becomes a harvestable item), I have an example of this if you are not familiar with the idea

And some other things that would be on a "for later" list, but we are ideally looking for someone we can hire when needed!

Thank you for your time, I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and of course can elaborate further on each feature if needed! 

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