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Managing your advertising budget


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Hello everyone!

I am mulling over my advertising budget (mainly through adWords) and I am curious how other game owners are determining their budget + timing budget increases. What factors are you considering when selecting a daily budget (example; daily adsense earnings, percentage of site earnings, etc)?


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I haven't gotten around to really advertising Eqcetera yet, but I've worked with small businesses in their marketing. The rule of thumb is to spend 5-15% of revenue on marketing, but they include items that we normally wouldn't like email softwares, landing pages, marketing agency, photo licensing, branding, etc. I plan to start with a test budget of $5/day then ramp up to 5-10% of revenue depending on marketing initiatives. This budget will include advertising but that won't make up 100% of it since I have other marketing costs.

I think for pet sites, it's important to work around other costs. Most of our marketing is through word of mouth. Just do whatever feels comfortable and if you have more money to throw in the budget, do it after you know you're getting an ROI.

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@Bedouin that is exactly where I started my daily spending. Just an FYI, AdSense did flag my account due to the sudden influx of traffic when I first turned it on. 

I agree word of mouth has been the most impactful marketing outlet for us as well. Thanks for the insight! That is a fair monthly increase. 

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