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LTC Background art or map art (Closed)


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(Closing this, I found two background artist and one of them is working on the map. Thank you! ❤️ )

Hello everyone! While I'm finishing up my last two commissions I thought I'd look at other artist portfolios for a project of mine. ❤️ I need a little help in the background/map department and I'm wanting to make sure I don't skip over anyone.
I'm looking for an artist who's good with environment art and/or making maps. The current BG I'm looking for is a forest, with or without a cave opening that is cell shaded or a mix of cell and soft shade. 
The map is the same style but it will have 6 different areas on it that can be templated per area on the map. That way when the species get released only one place on the map will appear at a time.
Both are more in the cartoon area but have a bit more details than the average cartoon style.
Here's an old, unfinished BG I was working on years ago, I would like something similar in art style to match my other creatures. I may still make it into a background in the future but for now it's an example.



I do have a ref to a map style I love (not looking for pixels, just love how this map is done)


What my style looks like
https://www.deviantart.com/thegalaxyrose/art/Sticker-SU-Edition-697846125 (Semi old)





Must haves:
Semi match my art style
Good with environment art or making maps
I must be able to have the original file (PS is preferred but SAI is good as well)
Okay with edits to make them into a banner, Icons or certs. Credit will always be posted/given.
The artwork must come with commercial rights seeing as it will be used on an adoptable, on their website and another full on site in the future.


What I'm interesting in:
Fully rendered works


Not a must but would be nice:
Be okay with me being a recurring client, I like to come back to artist I buy from. You'll be added to my list for BGs and Maps, meaning you will be my go to artist for each new addition I need when ever I have the cash. This will be on and off commissioning.
I do not mind shading and highlighting them myself or lining them. I would prefer to have a fully rendered piece though but not a must.
Templated areas on the map, they do not have to be but then I would like permission from the artist to template it myself.


USD or USD equate in art of your choice that will be started on after my current 2 commissions are completed. ❤️ 
This means you can order personal artwork from me or items/mutations for your adoptables to match the price of the work done. 
Feel free to PM me for examples and prices of my artwork or items/mutations I've done over the years.

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