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Warrenz Marking System


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Hello everyone! I want to share a little insider look at our advanced marking system and Artist CP on warrenz.net. 
I was going to post in our update thread, but this seems like a topic all its own.

This system has been working wonderfully and the artists have been having a lot of fun with it (along with players). So here it is!

The Crystal Cave
The Crystal Cave is where users can apply markings to their rabbits, or just view them.

^ Above is the 'all rabbits at once' view. If you want to see what all of your rabbits in a certain pose or gene would look like, you have the option to flip through them quickly. 


If you just want to work with one rabbit, you can click on them or use the link from their profiles.

The single rabbit view has extra marking selections. Items (marking stones) are used to apply them (if you have the item in your inventory, it gets used). 
You can also edit existing markings with an item, altering the opacity, hue, brightness, and saturation. 


There's also a randomizer if you just want to edit a rabbit's markings randomly (this randomizes the opacity, hue, saturation, brightness, and patterns of markings). But I'm skipping that for now.

Artist CP
The artist CP is for artist drawing new markings for pets (you must apply for an artist position to access it). It provides resources and an upload button so you can easily keep track of everything.


At the top of the page us the upload button. Then a place for Admins to approve uploads. They get automatically added and become instantly available in the Crystal Cave (no having to manually name and upload these). 

Below the upload button that are the marking types, and at the bottom of the page are the different poses and a list of markings that are most needed for them. You can download the pose template here.

(The unreleases poses/markings are censored out of this screenshot.)


If you click on a marking type, it brings up the examples page. This gives you:
- detailed instructions on how to draw the marking
- examples of pets currently on the site with that marking (can refresh for a new set)
- all existing files of that marking type


You can also click on any pose to view every marking currently available for that pose.

That's it!
Thus concludes a rundown of our markings system. I also want to add, we combined it with the semi-reliastic genetics that were originally all we had on the site. So every rabbit has its own genotype, and markings can be added separately (which may interact differently depending on the genes). For example, most markings don't show up on albino pets (except spirit markings and special markings). 
We are also working on adding accessories, which will share the same system. 

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