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Celestial Equine: 2019 End of Year Update!


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About Celestial Equine

Celestial Equine is a browser-based fantasy equine SIM for all ages! Basic game-play is completely free, but upgraded features are available in our Cash Shop. Players can create their own fantasy horses, compete in competitions, battle, explore various shops, and more! With so many interesting features, players can choose to focus on a single game-play aspect, or attempt to master multiple areas of the game! 


2019 Changes

2019 was a year of big changes for Celestial Equine! While managing bugs was our main focus, we also took a deeper look into the player experience. Celestial Equine originally launched with 18 worlds, which were unlocked through game-play. While we loved the 18 worlds, this amount of division created a redundant game that lacked depth. We made the difficult decision to remove the 18 worlds and implement an easy to use central exploration map. This change instantly resolved questions around the flow of the game and cut back on new member confusion.



In addition to our navigation changes, we also introduced an exciting backstory fix our issues with depth! The world of Celestia deserved a beautiful story, which spurred our Celestial Lore concept. Celestial Lore is a monthly story released as a chapter building off of the previous month's story progression. Celestial Lore follows the lives of the Royal Family, which will lead to a natural release of Celestial Herds! Celestial Herds are expected to launch on the live version of the game by the end of March, so stay tuned for that update!



Misc Changes

In addition to the large changes listed above, we made the following smaller changes to our game features:

  • Added Personalities to Horse Profiles
  • Revised Welcome Page for easier user navigation
  • Revised breeding bugs/missing gene images
  • Released the Battle Arena
  • Revised Competition, Beauty Contest, and Battle prizes
  • Revised breeding eligibility requirements


Features Coming in 2020 & More

2020 will be a very exciting year for Celestial Equine! Aside from the released detailed below, we plan to exit live development mode. This will be a huge milestone for the game and we cannot wait to see where CE goes! In addition to exiting live development, we are also excited to tease a few pending features. There's much more on our final task list, but these three are our favorites!


Celestial Herd-lands will be housed within the 3 Kingdoms shown on the Exploration Map. Players will have the ability to claim herd-lands as their characters and immerse themselves in a totally unique, automated role-play environment. From automated actions to random events, herd-lands will be the heartbeat of Celestial Equine!

Healing Pool

Mini game which allows players to heal their horses. Will be a new landmark on the Exploration Map.

Companion Forest

Allowed players to "lure" companions by offering food or other trinkets.


Thanks for reading, and I hope to see a few familiar faces at www.celestialequine.com!


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