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New Community Leaders


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So I wanted to let the community know that I have added @SingSong and @Matthew to our ranks as Community Leaders, where they will join @Callum. Welcome them!

What is a Community Leader?

They are another term for Moderators, however I felt the term Moderator was too limiting a term, and had a negative connotation. Community Leaders exist for the purpose of aiding me in engaging our members in active conversations and building forum participation. They will help us grow, take on some of the stuff I have been doing so I can start other things I have planned for the community.

Meet @SingSong

SingSong was chosen for her ability to write and her ability for art. Her creative ability aided in offering the idea for the Adoptables the forums enjoy, as well as being a driving force behind several other things we have going on. I think she is a great asset the forums, and will make a great Community Leader by continuing to bring great topics of discussion to the boards.

Meet @Matthew

Matthew has a strong experience and background in community relations. As well as being a driving force behind Furvilla, his experience is an asset. He will be assisting in also developing new ideas and content for the forums so keep your eyes open!

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Thank you @Hare, and thanks for the introduction, Digital.


I've had some recent computer troubles but just bought a new laptop today, so I'll be able to be more involved in the forums again. What you can expect from me as a community leader:

-Art tutorials and challenges created to help you improve your skill.

-Discussions about art, writing, and game design.

-Adoptables added to the forum. 

-Ideas to liven up the forum, encourage posting and game development, and improve upon existing features we have at TGL.

-A collaborative adoptable game made by me and Digital to show a step by step view of the design process. (Now that I have a working laptop, it's full steam ahead.)


I hope to get to know each and every one of you better, and I hope this forum will help you create your dream game.

I am always open for discussions, and I love criticism and critiques, so be assured that you can always be honest with me if you dislike something. Thanks! 

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