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Looking for PHP Programmer


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I'm looking for someone to do a few new features and bug fixes on HP (http://horsephenomena.com).

I don't want to get too in-detail on the forum, but we have a bug with our achievement awarding system/nightly cron which needs to be fixed, and I have a new awards system I'd like to put in place for animals. If it goes well, and you're interested, I also have some other projects lined up after these are done :).

HP is programmed in PHP/MySQL. I'm looking for someone who is experienced in these languages (and preferably with browser game programming).

I'm willing to pay by the script or by the hour, however, I would prefer to pay by the script until I'm more familiar with your work!

I do require a signed contract with specified price, timeline, and NDA agreement for both of our protection.

If you're interested, please contact me here via PM with examples of your work and references, and we can discuss the project further :).



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