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About Controversial Topics (AKA The RULES)


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So, I have kinda held off on this forum for a while, but I realize that there is a place for it, and it spurs interesting and useful debate and conversation. That being said here are the rules of this forum, since it will be watched closer then other areas due to the nature of controversial topics in general.

  1. Please remember that these boards are 13+. Content may be sensitive in nature here, but vulgarity isn't allowed.
  2. Please remember that we are all still human, debate and disagreement is allowed. Disrespect isn't.
  3. Know when to step back, these topics are here for debate and to argue points we may or not feel strongly about, not to make personal grudges against other members.
  4. You may feel strongly about a topic, and that is completely okay, but know when you need to take a break and step back and check out some of our other forums.
  5. Any topic that gets out of hand will be closed. Please note that once a topic is closed, we ask that you keep it closed and move on. We will only moderate and close a thread if it is getting out of hand. If everyone follows the rules, there won't be a need.

I will keep this topic open for clarification on rules if there is any needed for any reason.

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