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Professional Development Team for Hire (NOT Available)

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Hello! I've been lurking around this community for years although I haven't posted much.

I'm Bedouin, the owner of eqcetera.com under the Reddian, LLC umbrella of games (1 open + 2 in development). I've been around pet sites/SIM games for over a decade now and have been programming for half of that. Up until 2018, I worked as a senior developer for a development agency that catered to small business owners and since then, I've worked as a freelancer in the same line of work. Currently working on learning Python/Django and Angular for a game I have in development.

Due to the recent crisis, I'm developing a team for web development. 


  • Backend: PHP, MySQL, Laravel 7, Slim, PropelORM
  • Frontend: CSS, SASS, jQuery, AngularJS, VueJS
  • Wireframing
  • Marketing -- Yes, completely out of scope of this post but I worked as a marketing director for the company I mentioned for almost 2 years. I can help with marketing plans and implementation for the same costs as the programming. I also have a copywriter that I work with regularly that can be pulled in for writing extensive projects.
  • Mentoring -- I developed a 3-month training program for new developers at the above company that is still used today for their team of 20+ developers. I can help you learn coding for your own game instead of doing it for you. I haven't seen this type of service offered in this community so I thought I'd throw it in since it could be valuable to game owners.


  • We'll discuss what you need and come up with a requirements list together. Please already have some sort of documentation for what you need so I can start reviewing it right away.
  • We'll create a game plan document with everything on your requirements list. The document will then be split into phases/sprints. You'll receive an hours quote for the first sprint, usually 10-20 hours, along with a timeline for delivery. 
  • For the first quote, you approve the quote and the quoted work will go into the queue. You pay 50% of the quoted cost at the time of starting work and the remaining 50% when the sprint features go live on the development site.
  • For remaining quotes, you will pay for work bi-weekly, and we will go at whatever pace you can afford. 
  • Every day that we work, you will receive an email with what was completed that day. You'll also receive a report of where hours were spent. One of our goals is to provide complete transparency, the same as with any professional development firm.
  • Note: If you do not have a development environment, we can help set that up. We would prefer to not work on a live site and to work with version control.


  • Hourly: $60/hour


Please message me for examples since everything I have is either proprietary for my own games or for clients and I don't want to post it publicly. :) I have coded Eqcetera from the ground up with no other programmers ever touching that code. I will be overseeing any work completed by my team, so it will always have the same high quality.


Please message me for references. :) 


Just like I will stay in communication with you, I expect you to extend the same courtesy to me. If you go "dark" (unreachable for over a month) and do not give me as estimated time when you will be back online or keep me updated, I will completely remove you from the work queue after delivering all paid-for work to you.

After completion of each sprint, you will sign off in writing that the work is what you expected and has been delivered. If it hasn't, we will talk through any issues and get that resolved. This is to keep us both accountable for past work and create checkpoints within the project. :)


Discord is the best way to contact me: Bedouin#2555. If you don't have Discord, you can also use [email protected] or message me here.

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