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Must-have features for a pet site?


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So, this is an honest discussion as to what is a must-have for a modern pet site. What do you guys as game makers and owners feel are the absolute minimum in terms of required features for a pet site to be even remotely viable in today's market?

I know these topics seem more of "Where to start", but I am curious as to what our base, with both game makers in games in development and game owners with games that have been out for a while think on this topic.

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To be honest, an MVP would probably look like pets, items and a forum. There's a billion ways to do exploration systems and a lot of pet sites do not go the route of dealing with food/care. I don't think the ever-building list of features is necessarily the way to go to have a viable product. People in general prefer simple and polished, and maybe the goal of the project should be defined before creating a list of must-haves?

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Well, personal opinion incoming for what I think would be needed, might not be needed for all games though :)


Registration (including verification), password reset, profile picture, nickname change, personal messages

user roles (mods, admin, users, banned), rights for different groups

forums, news system

currency system (ingame currency, 'real life currency'), currency transfer between users

inventory; items; item types (decoration, customization, food, crafting), function of these items, transfer between users

pets (stats, information (age, lineage, sex), visual information (color, markings, etc)), pet transfer, levelling, pet search; also a way to get pets (finding, custom creation, breeding, etc)

NPC shops (automatically restocked), user shops and/or user auction house

some basic activities: exploration, fighting, caring, show, crafting, alchemy, etc.; just something to do

some way to easily add items and new content (new pets, new markings, etc)




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I agree with a lot of what @Shex said. :3


Although personally, I don't really like games where I have to keep coming back and taking care/feeding the animals. I have animals I do that in real life with..haha. I just find games like that exhausting, especially if you have a large number of pets. However, I do really enjoy the collect-em-all kind of adopt sites. (Chicken Smoothie, Eldemore, etc.) Although I feel like sites need more than just the collection aspect to catch more of my interest. For instance, games, exploration, or some other way to hold my attention. :3 Sites that you don't have to be on all day to progress are also a plus.


Also, I don't think this would really be considered a feature (maybe?), but a site that is polished and looks good also makes me want to join because I can see that they put time and effort into their site. When a site is hard to navigate, or too complex, I get a little frustrated and usually stop playing.

Also not sure if this is a feature(?), but artwork. If there's good artwork, I'm more likely to join because it's pleasing to my eye balls. x') But with bad artwork..I tend to stay away from just cause it's not as attractive. Idk man, just a couple ideas. ^-^

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