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Music & it's place in Virtual Pet Sites (and other games)


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I'd like to start a discussion about if people feel music should be or shouldn't be used on Virtual Pet Sites or any of the other types of games associatied with the genre (as in Adoptables, Mobile Games, RPGs & SIMs). So here I go and try that I guess, lol.

As a musician myself I've always felt that music can be implimented into nearly every type of content people use online, but obviously it depends on what that content is and whether or not music would be a suitable feature to have on the site. From a game owner perspective I'd say that a lot of people would not want to come on a site and have music autoplaying, but they might want to have it on YouTube video advertisments or even a Soundtrack CD as a kickstarter reward for contributing to the development of a game. I'm conflicted on what I feel about the use of music in games like Virtual Pet Sites and other similar genres of games.

I know that flash isn't a commonly used programming language these days, so would it be possibly to combine music with HTML5 games?
What are you guys thoughts on the integration of music in the aforementioned games? Is it a worthwhile investment?

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It is technically possible to have music in your HTML5 game, yes. 

Here's the HTML5 Tag for doing that

I feel like music is fine as long as you offer the option to turn it off since the user may not want music playing/auto-playing for a number of reasons.

That said, music when used appropriately can make a game and experience within a game memorable. 


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