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PAID: Mob's General Open Art Thread (Closed)


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Howdy. Again! 

How about it, Freelancers? Want to PM me a category below and some quotes? 

I pay with Paypal and will pay when I see your sketches. Then finish and send me the PSDs. 

Current Status: Closed

Last Updated: October 11th 2019

Closing the shop for now. Have some things to sort out, first. 

I am also looking for -

1. A Map Artist. Need 5 Maps drawn for the general areas. Have Budget for all of them this pay period (through October 11th). Have some samples of what I'm looking for. 

2. A Character Artist to do Shopkeepers/NPCs. I'm looking for someone with or who can emulate a certain retro style. The Right Person(TM) can take the entire set of about 30 ShopKeepers for a rate that we will negotiate via PM/DM. I have some samples of what I am looking for artistically that I can PM/DM. 

Categories I'm Looking For: I made a Google Doc for Tracking Purposes

If it's in Red it's more of a priority. If it's Black it's nice to have. 

  • Toys - 24 (have a list to work from)
  • Gifts - 24 (have a list to work from)
  • Books - 24
  • Physical Games - 12
  • Video Games - 12
  • Electronics - 24 (have a list to work from)
  • Fall Themed Items (Falling Leaves and Apple-things) - 12 (have examples)
  • Pumpkin Themed Items (Pumpkin-Spice as well) - 12
  • Burger Shop Food - 12 (have a list to work from)
  • Tex-Mex Food - 12 (have a list to work from) 
  • Scratchcard Art - 6
  • Lottery Art - Keeper and a Ticket 
  • Treasure Map Art - Four Illustrations. Will Describe in the PM. 
  • Shopkeepers (If I like your style, I'll let you do them all) - 23
  • Signage (If I like your style, I'll let you do them all) - 24 

Shoot me a PM. Let's make a deal. 

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See some artists looking for work and have a decent amount of cash to burn. Hit me up! 

I am mainly looking for a Map Artist since the navigation for my project was finished last night (woo!). 

Since the seasons are changing I'm looking for some Fall and Halloween themed Item Bases. 

Bring me your Pumpkins, Apples, and Lattes. 

Not your thing? I have three shops and two Games I may also pay for art for. 


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I have samples for everything I'm requesting (Maps, Items, Characters). 

Here's some for maps - 




Please send me a PM so we can negotiate. 

I also like one of your items (Apple) and would be willing to take it. :)

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