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Interview with Pepper-Head, owner of Kasaria


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I had the wonderful opportunity to ask @Pepper-Head some questions about her upcoming game, Kasaria. Here is her interview with TGL. We look forward to seeing and hearing more about her game, as it about to enter Beta later this month!

  1. Give us a little insight into your game such as what is it about, player base, and when did it start?

    Kasaria is a browser game set in the near future where the Earth is overpopulated and heavily polluted. Gaea Corp, a company dedicated to healing the planet, has discovered a habitable world where they plan to temporarily transport many people over so that Earth's clean up efforts are more fruitful. This new planet known as Kasaria has many interesting species - including intelligent ones!

    Gaea Corp has set up a program where settlers can partner up with these companions during their stay. Gradually, they'll learn to communicate with you as you explore the lands, interact with NPCs, learn about lost lore, and make your own home on Kasaria!

    The game is currently in development, but is about to launch for Beta on April 22nd! 
  2. What hardships faced your team early on when getting your game going?

    I started when I was in high school, so I took my time refining the concept and learning what I could about creating and managing game. The biggest challenge was getting solid programming that aligned with Kasaria's goals for the preset and future, but once we partnered up with Abbey from Lioden it felt like the site came together so quickly, and I learned a lot from her as well :)
  3. What feature of your game do you think was the hardest to develop or add?

    The Human Avatar system has caused quite a few head scratches, and the battle system is the largest scaled feature to add. We've had some brilliant minds and hands to bring them to life though!
  4. Any failed features that you thought would be great additions to the game, but turned out not to work with your users?

    So far, nothing has been ill-received but I have gotten some wonderful feedback that has helped to improve what we have before launch! I think my favorite improvement has to be the variety of skin tones. Before I only had 6 options, which clearly left much to be desired. But after studying several charts and resources, I made a new pool of 33 different skin options! At that point, it was diverse enough without anything too close together and gave a good balance of darks, mediums, and lights.
  5. What do you think is the most important factor that keeps your game’s team going to provide new content?

    I have a really lovely team who are simply just extremely passionate and excited to bring Kasaria to life! I lucked out so much to get such wonderful personalities <3 Due to school and other commitments, our team is pretty small right now, but I couldn't be more grateful for all the hands that have played their part in this development!
  6. What advice would you give a new game maker who is starting out?

    Plan, research, and find a buddy or two who loves your ideas as much as you! Game development is no race, but if you've researched, created a clear path, and have some cheerleaders, your game will come together right before your eyes with each week you work on it! :) 
  7. I wanted to thank you for your time to do this interview, is there anything you feel should be added to that you feel would be helpful or a great resource for new game makers aspiring to create a game?

    I cannot recommend ExtraCredits enough. They have such a large variety of videos that get you thinking about the successes and problems of games. Even if they may not discuss many browser games, the information can still apply. Thanks to them, Kasaria has a bit more to offer than it would have, and many fun features are planned as the playerbase proceeds through the world!

    Thank you for having me, and thank you readers! 

    I'm excited to see everyone for our Beta Launch! You can find out more about it on our Beta page!
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