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Contest Winners Announced!


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So, we have had two contests that have been going on recently, and today we announced the winners. I wanted to take a second and actually announce them here in News also!

Adoptables Power mini-competition

This was a close contest where members were out to see who could gain the most Power for their Adoptables in a week. It came down to the last few hours for a clear winner! Congratulations @SingSong who has won $10 amazon gift card or paypal payment (her choice).

Social Media Contest

We started this contest when we first opened up to encourage social media sharing. It has been going on the last three weeks. There were two winners in this one, each receiving $10 amazon gift cards. The winners for this competition are @Pepper-Head and @PaulSonny, and the runner-up is @Hare. Much thanks to them for helping promote the forums to the world!


What to expect next?

We have a contest going on to critique Flight Rising going on this week. This will be a weekly contest, but I encourage everyone to spend some time and participate. Everyone wins in this one.

Also, just as a heads up, with Easter around the corner, and eggs being a thing here - I wonder what the Easter Bunny has in store for us here at TGL?

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