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ProjectPetsite has new leaderboards, wooden pet carvings, player shop sales ledger, avatars, books, woodland forest daily, restocking algorithm, and more fun updates!


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All the ProjectPetsite news ?

@LIZ made wooden carving of pet species, 35 total including these! It's a crafting item for the Plushie Factory, a quest of supplies to make plushies of your pets!


Preview of the unreleased Plushie Factory:


Woodland Forest is a new daily with chance to get a Wooden Carving every 4 hours, stock up early!


Curio is hiding an avatar, follow the right path for the rewards; this player written guide might help you.... 

@bear also made the new Self Guidance and Listen To Me avatars! 

curioav.gif.1f132f56d4bf46fe2c0f8ff87067da06.gif guidance.gif.732c3a38bf1ef20d49caed27befe76e7.giflisten.gif.ff886509448a4905127518289bb1bb5d.gif 

Quest Leaderboards are live, ranking monthly score and tracking total completed!


NPC Shops new restocking algorithm gives each shop it's own restocking time schedule, rules for number of items and quantity of each, item rarities considered in the restock, and a handy timer that auto refreshes shop stock at 00:00 (no need to refresh screen).


New books from @superbearwars are stocking and the rarest added to Book Bag openable!


Sales Ledger can be activated in each of your shops,


Join ProjectPetsite and post your thoughts here for a Chest of Gold openable that gets you on a strong start!





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