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A wild newbie has appeared!


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Hello all, I'm Ellie/Lunitidal!

I used to be much more active in the virtual pet community under several different usernames (Smk509, Midnightstar, and Eagle9615) however life happened and I gradually fell away from it. Nowadays the only petsite I frequent on a regular basis is Subeta.

I have tried to make my own petsite in the past with some success, but a limited knowledge of coding and a general cluelessness of how to manage a website stopped me from making anything big. Recently I got the itch to do web-design again and try to revive an adoptable site I was working on using the Mysidia Script, so we'll see how that goes.

Honestly I have no idea how I hadn't discovered this site sooner, I just assumed that after VPL disappeared that the community dispersed, I'm glad to discover that I was wrong!

Anyway somethings about me:

I drink more coffee than what is probably healthy. I have two pet rats and two dogs. I am a huge PC gamer (currently working on playing through Borderlands 2, Monster Hunter: Generations, and ESO). I am currently working toward earning a duel bachelor's degree in Computer and Electrical engineering and I hope to use that to work on AI.

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