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What animals are your favorites?


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I have always found the octopus to be an interesting creature. The Indonesian Octopus can even mimic other sea creatures. I also have a soft spot for snails. 


What animals do you like best? And what things do you admire most about different species? Intelligence? Beauty? Strength? How creatures act in their communities? 

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I have always been fond of Sea Turtles. Turtles more generally, but Sea Turtles soecifically. It's the concept that since pre-dinosaurs they have not drastically changed at all evolutionary. No real need to evolve teeth or claws or any form of offensive measures, they kept it on the defense.

Any creature that to this day can disappear from hatching to adulthood from humans is impressive also. The freedom!

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4 hours ago, SingSong said:

Would you ever own a turtle?

I grew up with a red-eared slider, which is a common aquatic turtle. Named what I thought was a he, "Skip-Away", but turned out to be a missus. Can't tell until they reach about 15 years of age.

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