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Game Artist For Hire


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Hello! I'm a 2D Game Artist looking for work! I'm willing to do short term or long term contract work and can fit a variety of positions. I can work in any style, and can adapt my work to meet the look of your personal project! I enjoy doing all sorts of things, but would really love a position creating pet, creature, or monster bases the most! I also adore creating illustrations and concept art / designs and am comfortable with drawing all animals and creatures.


gif2_by_werewolfstripclub-dczf8j1.gifdbs4hzu-33acb80c-4122-4a57-9a3d-5c3cd362590f.png             dc5eufo-9d4e44eb-724e-4602-bedc-49d558bf3595.pngdbwzosw-501850ba-ee96-4014-a594-2667436e1828.pngdciq3se-28d9f4b6-0b9d-4621-b160-985ccb94ec55.png



dc8meeg-04ea97a9-c720-4a40-8555-f09b485f     dc8mee4-5f51dc73-c013-416e-b9ea-8b4e5bc3  bullfrog_friend_by_werewolfstripclub-dczp1hf.gif





Interested In Doing Work For The Following:
2D Pet Sims / Other Virtual Online Games
2D Mobile App Games

Prices vary. Please let me know your budget and I'll work with you! Paid positions only, please.

+ I was the Art Director for the online game Vesper End, that has over 700 active users, creating unique content that engages it's users to use creativity as a means of gameplay. I've created a variety of assets, from bases and items, as well as promotional art.
+ I have worked on an isometric game that is currently under NDA, creating creature, monster, and environmental assets. I am comfortable with creating tile sets, as well as animating sprites, and greatly enjoy working in this medium.
+ I have done various other small commissions and contracts over the years. I am comfortable with NDA's and other forms of contracts.
+ Photoshop | Clip Studio | Aseprite | Unity

Please send me a message on here or via email at [email protected] if you're interested, thank you!


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