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Forum Adoptables Update 1.0.2 is LIVE


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New update is live. This update's biggest focus is to bring in the Daily Power Bonus Streak. You will see a block on the homepage. Basically post at least once a day to get a stacking bonus for up to 7 days before it resets. Each day is a multiple of 4, so it is worth it to stack!

You will also find an Adoptables link under your username menu at the top of the page, or in the mobile menu. This will bring you to your Adoptables directly instead of having to go through your profile.

 It is a small feature update this time, unfortunately I have had a busier then normal week.

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23 minutes ago, halichu said:

That is a very cool update :) I just joined recently and found this adoptables feature a really unique touch to the forums! I also love how clean and structured these forums are!

We have tried to keep things organized and easy to find and provide fun features 

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On 4/1/2017 at 2:14 PM, Pepper-Head said:

Thank you so much for the shortcut to our adoptables <3 


3 hours ago, Hare said:

Yeah! Agreed on the shortcut, that is very helpful. 

I am so glad that has been helpful! I have also found it incredibly helpful!

Update: All issues discovered with this release so far should be fixed now.

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