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Project: Petsite - Backpack + items, pet evolution reveals, adopt a pet, + more announcements!


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Backpack with items in desktop and mobile views.


Project Petsite will have pets that can evolve into more powerful creatures as long as you raise them correctly. Some might need to be levelled up in battles, others could be fed certain items.. or perhaps you visiting certain places or posting on the forum on a Thursday when it is exactly 22 degrees outside will force an evolution - who knows?! While we cant go into detail on HOW they evolve, at this stage we can reveal some evolution previews.


This is the adoption page and these are ALL the pets that will be available for adoption when we open up for testing.


Example of how you'll see your active pets.


>> The features that will be available when we open to testers in January 2019 are: - Profiles - Boards - Group Private Messaging - Notifications - News - Adopt a Pet - Inventory System - NPC Shops - At least 150 items - At least 10 different pet species -- With upto 5 different potential elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Mech & Undead) -- Some pet species with evolutions! - At least 1 Quest - At least 1 HTML5 Game

>> The features that MIGHT be available when we open to testers in January 2019: - Trading System -- Trading Currency, Pets AND/OR items! - User Shops -- With the ability to own multiple stores! - 'Secret Avatars'

>> Features that WONT be available when we open, but are part of the plan to get them in are: - Trophies System - Battle Arena (Although this isnt a "dead promise" like other sites. We expect this to be released by March). - Explore Area

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