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Cybura - Quick Action, Forum Vistas & Much More!


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Hello Citizens of Cybura! Today we have another update for you! The most noticeable change being discussion posts! Here, have a look for yourselves and let us know what you think! :D

(Click to see larger image)

Some changes made to discussions are:

- Updated discussion view style
- Discussion Badges for player roles
- Active Character now shows in left panel
- Active Character's team of companions now show in left panel
- Sub replies can now be used when creating a discussion
- Player status message
- Forum Vistas & Backgrounds (in case you haven't noticed tee-hee)

Next on the list, we have a long overdue feature that will make all of our lives MUCH easier. Say hello to the "Quick Action" feature!

(Click to see larger image)

Lastly, here is a (somewhat lengthy) list of some changes that have been made:

- Random avatar is no longer given at registration, also removed from all current players accounts.

- "Choose A Realm" event has been removed, will be added in a different way when we are ready for beta.

- "Meet Prof. Osmond" Mission changed location to his lab. Also instead of receiving a message, notification is done through telepathy. Event text shortened. Egg hatching requirement decreased to 5 unique page loads.

- Alpha weekend & 1hr. Alpha trial is no longer a thing.

- All players can create their first character & Hatch their first companion. Non Alpha Players cannot go further than this in regards to story and missions but may be able to participate partially in site-wide events.

- Non-Alpha players can access swaps but can only have 5 swaps at one time.

- Non-Alpha players can access Auctions.

- Non-Alpha players can access Player Shops, Including creating their own but cannot edit shop description or greeting. Cannot upgrade shop or price items for tokens.

- Non-Alpha players may accept friend requests but not send them.

- Non-Alpha players may receive messages and reply to them but not send any.

- Non-Alpha players can access Travel Bag.

- Non-Alpha players cannot update companion's description.

- Non-Alpha players can access the Dyeing Machine.

- Non-Alpha players can receive gifts but not send them.

- Non-Alpha players can use shop search.

- Travel Bags now have a starting capacity of 50. Players may collect items that exceed that capacity in some cases (For example events), but will not have access to their travel bag, only the quick action page where they will need to get their capacity to 50 or below. Travel bags are still a thing to be used to upgrade max capacity.

- Drag to empty slot has been removed for travel bag, but drag to stack is still active.

- Storage now has a starting capacity of 50.

- Mission system core reworked.

- Eden/Gardening event altered.

- Welcome Gift now includes 500 coins & 500 Bytes + 5 of each basic taming object (give after character creation).

- Fixed Character Creation cropping issue.

- Baby Avatar for All Species are now obtainable.

- Halloween Pre-Launch items have been handed out.

- Story Missions Now show rewards received.

- Mission icon on explore map.

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