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What is your favorite color?


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What colors do you find you use a lot in your artwork? What is your favorite color in general?

I find whenever I sit down to look at site colors, I tend to always (mostly) be drawn for earthy green tones, mainly because I love the color green. I have to actually focus on looking for other colors.

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My favorite is blue, a nice light blue though, not really the standard color wheel blue. I use those shades of blues when designing things along with natural blues and earthy tones. But it just depends what I am doing too. But I feel they are nice calming colors in general.

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I have a similar color preference to Anoua. I like blue, but I like all shades of blue. I find myself drawn to natural colors and seagreens and teals. But I also like orange, because it reminds me of happy things like pumpkins, orange tabby cats, pretty flowers, and my daughter's hair. 

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