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If your life were a book, which book would it be?


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So I read this fantastical (don't tell my English teacher I used that word) book some years ago called (if I translate it correctly) 'The Kingdom of Silence' and it followed the adventure, or should I say lifetime, of an owl. Yes, lifetime. In one book. He dies.

All very tragic really, he had happy memories as a chick, was quite excited when he matured and had to go live by himself, but then all kind of things started going wrong for him.

AND, even after he survived a hunting, months captive in a zoo, and an actual war, even when he seemed to finally be content with a mate and chicks of his own, guess what happens?

Yes, he dies. He was shot dead, bless him. I remember my 12 year old self crying my eyes out under the covers in the middle of the night trying my hardest not to choke too much because my sister was sleeping in the bunker bed beneath me.


I know I might sound overdramatic XD, but I seriously think life in general would in the end be just a great disappointment. However hard you try, or whatever circumstances you overcome, I feel like in the end there will always be something ultimately dragging you down ;-;

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That book sounds interesting, Bravefoot. I'll have to give it a chance sometime. 

I was thinking that my life somewhat resembles The Giver. Growing up, life was all right. Nice, in fact. But there was always that feeling of going through the motions. Then, getting older, new wisdom is gained. And I start to feel like there is more to life than what I and other people accept from the world. Chasing dreams. Being happy. Not feeling trapped or tied down. So like Jonas in the end of the book, I yearn to run away from all that's set up in society. There's something wrong about it. But it never says if Jonas makes it out okay. And the question stands for me, too. Will I get to where I want to be? Will I find what I'm looking for if I don't know what it looks like?

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On 4/1/2017 at 6:25 PM, SingSong said:

I was thinking that my life somewhat resembles The Giver.

What a good book choice. I loved that one.

I always felt connected more to The Giver myself, as a person who felt he always kept more then everyone else did around him and held more in.

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