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Art needed for December events (multiple artists)


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Hi all,

I'm building an advent calendar for players to open every day from the first through the 25th. I am in need of various art assets that I will list below. I've worked with many talented folks here, but realize that this may be a bit much for one person, so am willing to parcel it out. If you feel you can handle a certain piece or item, please let me know and we can go from there.

The Calendar

I should preface this by saying this calendar will be interactive in that players will roam it like a map. Each "tile" of the map is 200x200 pixels. I'm looking to have it tree-shaped, somewhat like this


The outer frame can be generally tree-shaped, but I'd like the rows to look something like this:




































As for style, as this will be at the north pole, I'm looking for old-school christmassy. Something made back when nut crackers were still carved from wood (ad the advent calendar should be wood too). There are some considerations to keep in mind for having this work with our map system, but I will delve into more details with whomever decides to tackle this.



I'd like to have individual art for each reindeer (Reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph), drawn at about 500x500, and then a thumbnailed version to fit within a 200x200 square (for display on the map)

I would also like a stall designed with all the reindeer in it for the players to walk up to


The Boxes

The daily boxes will require the players to crack the combo on them before they can open them. Going to that day’s box will open up a dialog that will be 550x300. On it will be an ornate combo lock that the player will have to spin (or enter numbers with keyboard) to try different combos.

Somewhat like this, but more in-line with the aforementioned Christmas/wood style.


Some days the players will only need to find one number, others the combo may be 6 digits long, so an adaptable design is best.


I’d also like to add to the avatars available to users. I’d like to add an abominable snowman and the grinch. Here are some examples of previous avatar work. I can provide the templates to whomever is up for the task.





Misc Items

  • An ornate key to be used to open the daily boxes (200x200)
  • A present that says 2018 on the bow or wrapping (200x200)
  • A christmas tree that says 2018 either on the decorations or whatever is thrown up top (400x600)
  • The players will need to feed the reindeer hay/grass, so a bundle of this will be needed (200x200)
  • A bottle of Champagne that says 2019 on it
  • There will be various stalls to visit within Christmas village, so looking for a few designs for stalls with people in them and signs above (i.e. gift exchange, buy reindeer food etc)


Here are some examples of current/previous items to get the art style




I will be updating this post as more art needs arise. Thanks!

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Hey there! I'd be happy to give you a hand with this :)

As a commercial artist, I'm accustomed to creating work in a variety of styles. You can find examples of my work here: www.deviantart.com/jwatkinsart.

While there isn't anything in this exact style in my portfolio right now, I have no doubt that I could replicate the look and feel of your previous items, and bring that into the calendar and boxes. For the reindeer, I might need to see some examples of other animals in your game as well - haha. 

I'd also love to tag @halichu , who I've been working with for the past several months. I hope they would be willing to share their experience with working with me to replicate their past artist's style, haha. 

I hope I get to hear from you, and that you have a great week!

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Hello! If youre still looking for artists, I'd love to work with you on these!

I don't have any recent work in the particular cell-shade style youre currently using, but I can assure you I'm capable of shading/working in that style as well!

I'd particularly love to work on the tree, codes, perhaps the misc items, and particularly the reindeers! (though as mentioned above, a sample of animals in your existing style would definitely help me identify if I would indeed be able to do them.)

You can see my work here (though they are slightly dated;;): http://pilumvane.tumblr.com

along with some samples of pets ive done for Aywas.com



I wont be able to get into work directly until the 1st, but I am very flexible with deadlines and my schedule, so I should be able to accomplish any needed work asap!

Thank you very much!

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@Makazu I am so sorry for not apologizing sooner! I definitely wanted to vouch for @TonyWatkinsArt. He does FANTASTIC work for our game that is in development. He came on mid project where a style was already established that was definitely different from his previous work. After a few critiques/feedback sessions on his first environmental map for us, he NAILED the style (and now his current pieces are even going above and beyond our original landscape artist). I am beyond impressed with his work and he is so vital to our team. I couldn't imagine not having him on my team. His diligence and communication skills are on par as well. He never goes MIA without notice and he always answers his emails.

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