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How to Get Adsense Displayed


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Edit: Never mind, I got them back. I'm not sure how, it might remain a mystery. 

Original post:



I asked about this before and noticed a few other people having trouble. 

I've been trying to put ads on leporidae.org for a while. The site is verified, the code is in the header, and we turned on anchor ads. I've read every tutorial I could find and I can't figure out why ads don't appear. An ad did appear one time, so I know it worked at least once. It took about 2-3 days for it to appear (as expected) and I was stoked. Wanting to see how the other ads looked on the site, I turned on some of the others. When they appeared though, they were in the way of players, so I turned them back off, leaving the original anchor ad on, but all the ads disappeared. I can't get the anchor ad to come back. 


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