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Modd.io - Make your own browser based game


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Hi guys!


So I wanted to share a site I found. It's called Modd.io. https://www.modd.io/


I haven't looked at it too much as I'm at work, but it looks like through this platform, you can create your own browser based multiplayer game and bring it to life. It's more than a point-and-click. You can actually have a player character and move it around in a world and interact with other players and objects in the world. There's tutorials on the site to get you started and there's other games listed on the site made through the platform. Apparently the first user to finish a game on the site is making $10/day and made their game in one day. $300 a month for a few hours work doesn't sound too bad! The platform is relatively new from what I've read (a year old or so). I'm going to check it out more when I get home since I'm a bit curious! If anyone delves into it before I get home please let me know how it is. ? 


I figured I'd share this here as I know some people who aren't programmers are looking for ways to create their own browser based games. It sounds promising! 

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