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What anime are you into currently?


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I've recently decided to get back into anime, which may partly explain my absence from here, and started binging BnHA (Boku No Hero Acadamia). I've got up to half way through ep. 27, but I've recently also finished watching playthroughs of the 1st and 2nd Danganronpa games and the 2nd anime (Danganronpa 3: The End Of Hope Peak High School).

So you could say I've got my hands full with it all.
Is there any anime you are currently into?

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Unfortunately, I’ve lost touch with anime, but I remember back when I was younger, I was absolutely addicted to them. It’s safe to say I grew up watching anime ?

There are many I loved, some of them more famous than others:

- DragonBall (a right classic ?)

- Yu-Gi-Oh

- Detective Conan (loved loved loved it!)

- Sailor Moon (very cheesy, but amusing ?)

- One Piece (my absolute favourite)

- Knights of the Zodiac

- Sugar Sugar (or at least that’s how remember it’s called ?)

- Inuyasha (I was too young to really like its weirdness and morbid imagery, but I still kept on watching it ?)

- Soul Eater (the principal of the school was just hilarious)

- Olly and Benji

- Mila and Shiro

...and many, many more I can’t remember right now, but I’ll definitely come to add later as they’ll gradually get back at me ?

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Admittedly, I'm also in a bit of a rut after watching a few stinkers. 

Here's some of my favorite anime and how I'd summarize it for newcomers in a sentence: 

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 
    • Two brothers use Science-Magic to save their country from Demons.
  • Spice and Wolf
    • A man goes into business with a Goddess in a world that no longer believes in her. 
  • Wolf's Rain 
    • Everybody Dies: The Animation. 
  • Death Parade 
    • Angels use bar games to judge the souls of humans who have recently departed the mortal world. 
  • Sailor Moon Crystal 
    • The retelling of the story of a girl who discovers she's the reincarnation of a Space Goddess. 
  • Magical Girl Raising Project
    • A group of already suffering individuals are tricked into playing The Magical Hunger Games. 
  • School-Live! 
    • Turns out, the best way to deal with the apocalypse is pretend that it didn't happen. 
  • Bokurano
    • What would you do if you are forced to sacrifice yourself to save your world? 
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I am basically the local anime queen, constantly watching new shows every season as well as catching my boyfriend up on old good shows that he missed before we started dating.

One anime I constantly rewatch is Heroic Age, a space opera extremely loosely based on the Labors of Heracles and featuring mecha and giant monster battles, as well as a bit of politics and psychics. Highly recommend. 

Another oldie but goodie is one of the first anime I ever rented from a video, back when places like Sci-fi channel were licensing all these weird science fiction movies and OVAs. Birdy the Mighty (and the dub of which was surprisingly not bad for a late 90s dub), the original OVA not the new Decode TV series (which I hate). It has fantastic animation that still holds up today despite its dated designs, and I find the story even more engaging as an adult than I did when I was a kid. It's about an alien police offers who accidentally kills a human while out on the job, then must share her body with him while his is repaired, allowing him to continue his life, but also getting her police work done as well. Kind of a buddy cop type show, only the two cops share one body. The biggest reason I prefer the OVA over the TV series is that the male lead actually grows and starts to help Birdy with her mission, whereas in the TV series, he's really just along for the ride and doesn't provide much of any support.

So there's my two recommendations!

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  • 3 months later...

Sword Art Online, season 3. Just recently found out (like a week ago) that season 3 was airing. I am a huuuuge fan of the series. I used to watch plenty of anime but I have been away from it for like 2 years now watching non-animated tv series and also movies (animate and non-animated but not anime).

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Gosh, that's a list and a half right now. Jeez.
Sailon Moon was by far one of my favourite animes back in the day, I really need to rewatch it sometime. It'll probably look a little dated now but it'll still be great to reminisce.

Haha, I've never heard of most of these (except Sailon Moon and Fullmetal Alchemist). I've been meaning to get into the second of those for years but I know there is a part in it that brings back memories up for tons of people and I'm worried that it'll get me in the heart too. Without spoiling it, is it really that bad?


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@Martyn Everything on my list is a recommendation. 
If I listed all of the bad anime I watched I'd be here all night. 

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is pretty consistently called out as being one of the greatest animes ever. I think it's earned that distinction but admit that it is not perfect. Like most long-runners it has pacing problems and things slow down considerably, but they pick right back up and really shine heading into the Final Battle. 

Sailor Moon Crystal was one of many 90s revival animes that Toei put out in the last few years. I think it's one of the better ones compared to Digimon Tri and Dragonball Super. Crystal is pretty to look at, closer to the manga, and does more with the supporting characters than the 90s anime did at the expense of some of the jokes and filler from the original anime. "Monster of the Week" is not are prevalent in Crystal as it was in the original Sailor Moon which causes the story to move faster. 

I'm more a fan of short-form (less than 26 episode) anime than long-runners. They can all be binged in a night. 

FMA and SM are the only two on that list that are not short form. 

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