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Seeking Background Artist (Found)


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I'd be interested in the job for you if you'd like and I can definitely meet your deadline!

The cost for it in the style you desire would be around $85 usd

Here are some examples of what I've done in a similar style to what you're looking for. I haven't done exactly that style, but I think the styles I have provided, if merged together, will suite what you're looking for:

Felvarg POC prt 1: Valu's Beginnings by Aminirus

Winter Rowlets Banner by Aminirus

WoLF: Winter's Shadows by Aminirus


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@Aminirus I'd be looking for thicker lines than the examples shown but if you're up for it, I'm always happy to commission you! Should I note you here on on da? Not sure which you frequent more. Last I heard you were moving from da? Or maybe that was someone else.

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Either or would be good @dracula . I don't have an exact replica of your desired style, so I know not everything in the examples I provided would be perfect. The lines are definitely one thing that is different, but mainly wanted to show that I understand that the background and its pieces are drawn in rather than just straight up colored and painted. 

I'm not moving from DA, just limiting my time there heavily. It's no longer as ... reliable... as it used to be and I can't continue to use their endlessly breaking system, if you know what I mean. It's good in its own way, but no longer is as functional for my purposes as I'd like it to be. 

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