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Cybura - Encounter & Taming + Welcome Pack, Oh Boy!


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Hello fellow Citizens! Tis' I, the bulletin board poster! Before we get into our wonderful update today, we would like to make an official announcement that the garden feature has been updated to go without watered for up to 96hrs! Hopefully this will help the feature not be so much of a pain in the tush! So, with that said, let us get into today's update!

So, we will start off by announcing that every new Citizen of Cybura will receive a free welcome pack. This welcome pack will include 500 Currency (either bytes or tokens, depends on chosen realm), as well as Basic Taming Sphere (x5) and Basic Taming Capsule (x5). Isn't that wonderful?


And what are these taming object for you may be wondering? Well that brings us to the next portion of out update, the Encounter & Taming feature! You can trigger a wild companion encounter by exploring Cybura, and once you do, you can decide whether to engage that companion or flee from it. If you choose to engage, then you will need to lower their temper by feeding them berries that you have grown or obtained elsewhere, but please be advised that they are picky on which berries they like. Once your feel their temper has been lowered enough, or even feel lucky enough to tame them at the height of their temper, then select either a Taming Sphere or Taming Capsule and hope for the best! Oh, and one last thing, the wild companion does have a chance of running away from you (excluding Elites), but is less likely to do so the more you calm it down.

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

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(Click to see larger image)

Also, packs of x99 Basic Taming Capsules, Basic Taming Spheres, and also berries are being sold in the Token Shop for 5 Tokens, if you feel the need to stock up and want to support the development of Cybura at the same time. And that pretty much sums up this update, keep an eye out for the next update that will include pet breeding and nest locations!

(Can you encounter an Elite? Or better yet, can you tame it?...)

Thank you for playing Cybura and for your support! Until next time!

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