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Looking for Lead Artist (Director) for Novilar


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Novilar is a game in beta that has been online for roughly 3 years. I am looking to bring on board a Lead Artist, who I hope will be able to produce art, but also refine the art style moving forward. This position is paid, but I am also looking for a person who is willing to accept perhaps a partnership arrangement. The site does generate revenue, and is technically live and open to the public.

Please visit the site for a sense of the current art, and reach out to me to discuss the opportunity in greater detail.



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I'd actually be interested in the job and would love to do artwork.

Not sure how much of my artwork you've seen, but if you need to see more examples do let me know and I'll gather them for you right away.

You can PM me here or also contact me at the email below. I think my style would be pretty fitting and I'm good at just about anything, from critters (fantasy, cartoony to near realistic), as well as assets and environments. Thank you!

[email protected]

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I will be reaching out to those above who expressed interest. We did have a few months with an artist that was able to deliver great work, but alas, they had issues and had to leave us, so back to the drawing board.

If you are interested in this position, it is open once again.

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