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Eliyo - Use Potions in Battle


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Somewhat overdue I am happy to announce potions are now usable in battle. 

Currently there are three types of potions available, health potions, stamina potions, and combination potions that will heal both health and stamina. More battle usable items to be added. Using an item during battle always goes first, but also uses your turn similar to a catch attempt. So plan carefully!



More Updates!

Added a couple more potions to the game. There are now purple revive potions coming in the minor, regular, and major forms where minor restores a small amount of health and stamina for a fainted elon and major restoring the full health and stamina. These can be found in the Adventurer's Hub in Lavinth. 

A full restoration potion was also added. This is a yellow potion and restores all health and stamina of an elon along with status effects (still in the works but close to being completed) that the elon has.




Flee After Faint and No Double Attacking

You can flee directly from battle after fainting even if you have more elons that can fight. As well if you choose to continue fighting, the opposing elon no longer attacks you right away. So you'll have a chance to try and get a hit on them first.

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More Updates
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