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Paypal Alternatives


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Does anyone have experience with other payment processor options other than Paypal?

I am considering other options for a couple different reasons, though the main one is that Paypal doesn't offer any seller protection for false charge backs on digital goods. Just recently dealt with this very problem, and dealing with their resolution center at all was a frustrating experience too as it is slow, clunky, and geared towards physical goods without practical ways to account for digital goods.

I'd also like to switch as I use Paypal personally sometimes, and would like to separate out my business income more easily as well. 


I know Stripe is a becoming more popular, but I am not super familiar with it. However looking at their information it looks like disputes cost $15 extra if they are not won in your favor. So obviously not a risk I would want to take on unless they are good about accepting digital goods disputes in your favor.

As anyone used stripes or any know of or used other options?


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I don't have any experience, but just had an idea. What if, upon purchase, you shipped a little card to the player, which could be redeemed for the digital reward? 

Might not be a good idea here, but thought I'd mention it.

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Generally speaking, Paypal is the best one I've found with the lowest % taken from your payments. A lot of other online payment services will require you have a certain amount of money coming in each month before they'll even give you an account. In addition, most of the other 3rd party online payment systems require you have a SSL certificate and some of them will give you scripts so that you have to charge the cards directly on your own website rather than on the third party's website. 


From this list I've had experience with 2Checkout, Authorize.net, and Google Wallet. I still prefer Paypal over all of them.

One thing I've found with digital goods complaints in Paypal is if you just say it was a physical good and it was sent to the customer they're less likely to refund it. If they ask for a tracking ID you can attach screenshots of the product on the user's account.

If the credit card company refunds the charge then Paypal has to refund the charge because they don't have a choice, the credit card company denies them the funds. This can happen even if Paypal agrees the payment was a valid one. It's one of the sucky things about online payments. It may help you if you leave the payments you get in your Paypal account until the refund period time has passed, that way if you have to refund the money then you still have it in your account and you haven't really lost anything.

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I feel your pain on this one. It also doesn't help that PayPal has quadrupled the dispute time from 1.5 to 6 months at this point. Not that that stops them by the way, I had to deal with chargebacks from an irate player earlier this year (January) for transactions dating back to May of 2017 -_-

Some of my games incorporate ad-based rewards, which pay less, but are more guaranteed. There's also in-app purchases from the app stores, but those can also be charged back, and they take a big chunk in fees (30%).

I don't think shipping the player a redeemable code would work well since most players are impulse buying.

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I'm from the Netherlands and here we have a company called Mollie: https://www.mollie.com/en/

It's pretty easy to use and you can choose for yourself how you want to be paid. All payments will go to them and after they take their percentage they will send you the payment daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on how you wrote down your settings. It allows a lot of payment services and is pretty easy to use. They have nice guides on how to use their API as well.


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