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Cybura - Shark Evolution, New Store & More!


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Greetings Citizens! ... What?... Wasn't expecting another update so soon? Well, as mentioned before, we will be making updates smaller and more frequent, or that is the idea at least... So, shall we continue?

Gardening is tough work, and sometimes you may get injured, well, no worries! Prof. Osmond is here to save the Day! He will nurse you back into good health free of charge! Though... try not to bug him more than once within a 2 hour period, the little guy works hard enough, cut him some slack!... Please? XD

(Click to see larger image)

And Ossie's not the only one looking out for you, Eden has opened up the Gardening Supplies store and is running it until the owner gets back in town, isn't she useful? Time to do some shopping!

(Click to see larger image)

Now, while we are on the subject of shopping, lets talk a bit about Cybura's currencies. Cybura has 3 total currencies: Coins, Bytes, and Royal Tokens. Royal Tokens can be used in any NPC shop, no matter what realm you are in, if you do not have enough Coins or Bytes for an item but have Royal Tokens instead, then you are given that option. Now, as for Coins and Bytes, each shop in the ACZ will allow you to purchase items using any of the 3 currencies, though, only the currency you have set as default will be displayed along with the Royal Tokens option. You can update your default currency in your PC Settings. And lastly, Bytes are not accepted for shops in the Realm of Truth and Coins not accepted in the Realm of Deception... but you don't need to worry about that until Beta.

(Click to see larger image)

Okay, so, in the Gardening Supplies store you will be able to purchase berries as well as seeds, and eventually, you will be harvesting your own berries. With that said, your Citizens may now consume berries to replenish their hunger and some berries do even more! (Choking Hazard: Berries may contain seeds!)

(Click to see larger image)

And next, we have something that should have been implemented much, much sooner... Confirmation of important actions. So when you are about to take an important action, then you will be asked to confirm your decision, this way, we can help prevent any oopsies.

(Click to see larger image)

Lastly, since we have the evolutions of each species just sitting around and unseen by your eyes, with the exception of the Kitsune... We will go ahead and release them to you in the smaller updates, so, with that said we now bring you... The Shark Evolution! (And as always, an alternate colored version) (Alaris’s Art Gallery updated.)


Thank you for playing Cybura and for your support! We hope you are enjoying yourselves so far, and until next time!

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