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2d Digital Artist; Commissions Open

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Name's Crows. I am a freelance hobby artist mainly working on 2D digital artworks.
I am open for commissions to help cover my medical costs and to care for my animals (chickens!) Here are some of my recent examples;






Current Work in Progress (commission):


All characters (c) respective owners


Current Prices:

Sketches - $2.00
Exactly what it sounds like- unrefined sketches. They usually come in 3 layers (initial pose sketch, initial anatomy sketch, clean pre-lineart sketch).

Flat-Colors- $5.00
Cleanly lined and colored without shading. May include small background props.

Shaded- $15.00
Same as flat-colored but including shading and highlights.




  • Animals (real & fantasy)
  • Humanoids (anthros, aliens, humans, etc)
  • Gore
  • NSFW*

*additional $2.00 added for any NSFW orders

Can NOT:

  • Robots
  • Mecha/machinery





  1. Finished commissions are non-refundable.
  2. Refunds are offered only if the initial sketch has not been completed within 1 month’s time of payment NEW
  3. Payment is expected upfront.
  4. Orders will not be started until payment has been received.
  5. By commissioning me you agree to allow me to upload the finished commission to my blog (*does not apply to NSFW pieces if requested)
  6. Finished pieces may be used by the commissioner for non-commercial purposes.
  7. Where/when republished I ask for credit in some form for the piece.
  8. Commercial licenses for work are a flat-fee of $50.00 per piece.
  9. You may only order commissions of your own personally owned characters or pets unless you are ordering a gift-piece.
  10. If ordering a gift for someone please specify this when you inquire about the order.

Terms are subject to change.

If you have any questions or would like to order a commission please PM me, post here, or contact me via Discord (Crows#8926).

All payments are done through Paypal.

Thank you for looking!

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