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Core Membership Guide


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Core Membership Guide


To make things a little easier to find users who specialize in either programmer.png, artist.png, or writer.png, we now specialized user groups for these groups. Below are the requirements for getting these groups.

  • I ask that you post a thread in Looking for Work, and place any links or information about your experience or examples of work. This is akin to a professional profile. If you are not currently looking for work, you may state so also. You do not have to accept work, just have to maintain the post there to get your user group assigned. Having a post in there is just a way to maintain a public record of what you can or want to find or do.
  • Every 3 months we will remove the user group from any individual that does not post at least 20 content items (posts) within the last 3 month period. 20 posts, even at the current forum pace we feel it is reasonable over a 90 day period, and we feel that any member who is considered a specialist (someone who carries these designations) should be engaged on the boards to some degree.

The main goal of the titles is to allow users looking to hire or find specialists in particular areas. We want those specialists to be somewhat active and engaged in the community as it benefits all three parties (the person looking, the specialist, and the forums.) 

As with anything on the boards, please offer feedback :) 

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