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Dyeing Machine, Daily Alpha, Hatching & More!


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Hello Citizens! It's time for another update!

This update was intended to be pushed out a bit sooner but with 100 apparel items that had to have layers re-worked... it just wasn't possible... but here it is at last! Also, we will be doing smaller updates from now on so they can come out more frequently. :D

So with that said, let's begin! First on the list we have re-worked the process of hatching your first companion, the way you obtain your first companion still remains the same however. But here are the details on the update:

1. Your first companion will be added to your team, which can be viewed by clicking on the Party icon.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Upon clicking on the icon you will get a popover that will show your current team of companions, which in this case will only have your starter egg in the first slot.

(Click to see larger image)

3. To hatch your first companion, it still requires activity on your part. You must explore Cybura until your egg hatches. All starter eggs require the same amount of activity, however non-starter eggs vary in the amount of activity required.

Alright, so, while we are on the subject of egg hatching, we would also like to inform you that you may now hatch any eggs you have in your inventory! Just add them to your team via your travel bag and then continue on exploring Cybura until the little pretty/pretties hatch! Also, eggs may be obtained through the Token Shop as of this moment, however, please note that this is primarily done to raise funds for Cybura's development & server costs. Eggs will be obtainable in other ways without the need of tokens. More info on egg hatching from your travel bag below!

1. Locate and click on the egg you wish to hatch from your travel bag.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Click on the "Add to Team" button and that's it! Continue exploring Cybura until your new companion(s) hatch.

(Click to see larger image)

Did you notice that lovely colored egg in the last two images? I bet you did! Eggs reflect the markings and colors of the companion that it contains. So when the breeding update rolls out, you can begin making all sorts of beautiful and unique eggs! Speaking of breeding though... the breeding simulator has also been updated to show not only the possible offspring but what their eggs will look like as well!

1. Breeding simulator now shows eggs along with the offspring.

(Click to see larger image)

Now, moving quite along... You may now create additional citizens as well as set which citizen will be the active one. And yes, there is more info below.

1. You may now create an additional citizen by clicking on the "Create New" button located on the "My Citizens" page and following through the shortened character creation process.

(Click to see larger image)

2. To set which citizen you would like to play as, click on the "Make Active" button above the desired citizen's image. This is needed to customize your citizen and in the future explore with, level, etc.

(Click to see larger image)

3. Each player receives 2 free character slots (the initial character you create plus one additional slot). If you would like to bring an additional character to Cybura then you may do so in exchange for 5 Royal Tokens by clicking on the "Additional Slot" button located at the top right of the page.

(Click to see larger image)

And what is a Citizen without their companion(s)? You can now view, add, or remove companions from your team be visiting the "My Companions" page found in the "Account Management" section of your User Panel. *pokes below*

1. View your citizen's current team and remove companions as well by clicking the "Remove" button.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Add companions to your team by clicking on the "Add to Team" button located above the desired companion.

(Click to see larger image)

3. If the companion is already on a team of any of your citizens then an icon will display above their head showing the image of the citizen who currently has them on their team.

(Click to see larger image)

Next we have a bit of a major feature (at least programming and uploading layers felt major lol), yes the one that made the update take longer to be pushed out... Prof. Osmond presents to you... The Colorific Dyeing Machine! With the use of a color cube, you can now change any visible color on apparel and/or companions! This sure brings customization up a notch! Thank you Prof. Osmond! And of course, more details below.

1. Visit the "Colorific Dyeing Machine" page (found under "Play" section of navigation bar) and select either apparel or companion, depending on which you would like to customize.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Select the apparel item from your travel bag or the companion that you would like to customize.

(Click to see larger image)

3. Begin customizing using any hex color code you desire. As you customize the color cube bar at the top will highlight which color cubes can be used for the current customization.

(Click to see larger image)

4. Click on the "Continue" button, select the color cube you wish to use and then click "Finish". Your item is now customized and can be added to your citizen's wardrobe and worn!

(Click to see larger image)

When dyeing apparel, you can only select from the apparel items in your Travel Bag. So with that said, you may now remove items from your wardrobe by clicking on the "Wardrobe" link under the "Play" tab in the navigation bar or by clicking on the "Wardrobe" button on the customization page.

(Click to see larger image)

And last, but most certainly not least, we are heading into Alpha testing stage and most of the new features are locked and only available to players who have purchased an Alpha Access pass. But we do understand that not everyone is able to do so and want to test and play around with all these neat new features, so we are now allowing any and every one to enjoy 1 hour of Alpha Access per day, in which you will have full access to every area of Cybura. Cybura is not a pay-2-play game, however, players who support Cybura's development by purchasing an Alpha and/or Beta pass get to experience the game first.

1. Non-Alpha players will be presented with a popover once per day, where they can start their 1 hour Alpha trial, or, upgrade to Alpha or Beta.

(Click to see larger image)

That pretty much wraps this update up, but before you go, here is a list of a few minor updates:

- Fundraiser has retired
- Easter event ended
- Item description popover now works while shipping

And also here is a little preview of the next big thing we are working on!



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