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Best online PHP classes


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I am interested in a taking a few online courses to learn a few basic PHP skills and am looking for suggestions! There's so many options out there, so i'd hate to select a course that is too difficult to follow or poor quality. If anyone has taken a beginner class lately, id love your feedback and a link!


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My husband has been going through a PHP course on udemy that is pretty good. It's Laravel specific and might be hard for a complete beginner to follow (he has been taking other non php course already and one php specific beginner coarse that wasn't great so wasn't starting from ground zero) but the instructor has a lot of different courses some that are just PHP and beginner level that might work for you even if this one doesn't.

Here is a link to that coarse,


And the instructor,


He is a character, I hear my husband playing the videos a lot and I think he is easy to follow and entertaining. Note: these course are always on sale for 10-12 dollars.

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