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Tablet, Mobile, Browser Pet Site Games trends?


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Hi folks, 

What kind of trends do you see for this year onwards - for the pet site industry, or beyond (general gaming)? I remember that a few years back, there was a big hype about gaming moving to mobile, and sure there are a lot of games you could find in app stores. 

I personally think the appeal of downloading an app to play a game is levelling off. I think people are more likely to surf the internet and play games through their mobile phones, or tablets, without necessarily downloading an app or anything. It's kind of like how I'm more likely to play Flight Rising on my phone by logging into the website. If they had an app I probably wouldn't download and keep updating it to play. But their website (which I haven't gone on in a while) last I knew was not mobile responsive and having to zoom in / out of the screen really made it unplayable on mobile.

I also think mobile data plays a big role now, and where we seemingly have more access to the internet when we're commuting to work or in a cafe or something. I also think the platform for a pet site nowadays would come down to what kind of gamers you want to attract. Like are you looking for casual gamers, or not? In my IRL community there's a big push on figuring out "customer journeys" and "customer profiles" when it comes to developing an app, game, interface, etc.. Which involve trying to fine-tune what kind of customers/user base you want on your platform and tailoring the game experience to their preferences and behavior.

What do you all think?

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