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New video, along with smaller news


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First and foremost, a new video has been uploaded! It doesn't show much, just a quick example of how tasks work:

I forgot to show it in the video, but the site won't let you complete the same task twice in one day. It also doesn't show an SP increase (because I forgot to add those 2 lines of code before recording :S)

Each choice you make will lead to a different outcome, I just chose the good option for the sake of the video. So they're less predictable, each task of a certain type will be random. In this one you spotted a group of intruders, but in your next one you might not. You might be sent to investigate a certain area, or look for a certain thing, etc.

Another thing showcased in the video is the different wolf artwork. I finally reworked aging based on the timescale I mention in my last news post, and the lineart will finally automatically change depending on the age. So...

  • Wolves under 1 year (12 months) of age will use the pup lineart
  • Wolves that are at least 1 year old (but less than 2 years old) will use the adolescent/juvenile lineart.
  • Wolves 2 years and up will use the adult lineart

The den page only shows either years or months depending on the wolf's age, while the wolf's profile will show the full age (in both months and years)


That's it for this short update. Hopefully I'll have a lot more in my next one!

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