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  1. I have someone I use on Freelancer.com that is AMAZING. I believe he charged $30 per design. Let me know if you're interested in his contact info!
  2. Hello watchers! The long awaited day is here, and we are so excited to announce breed registration is live! We are in the process of making some minor design updates to the registration area + linking to the breed book. BREED REGISTRATION TIPS: 1) You can view breed eligible for registration by viewing the horse's profile OR navigating to each world to view pending registrations. 2) The breed registration design will be updated to this design: click me 3) Breed registration requires one registration scroll. These can be found in the cash shop! Please be aware we do expect bugs with newly released features! Please report any and all bugs to the forums so we can get them swatted as soon as possible View full news
  3. Hello! I have been meaning to launch a hefty AdWords campaign for Celestial Equine, but simply do not have the time to design new ads. I am looking to have a fresh set of ads every month, so this should be an ongoing deal. I am thinking about 5 ads to start with. To apply, please send example ads, rates and your experience with AdWords via private message. Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone! I recently moved servers and am having a really hard time getting my email accounts setup. I am currently using the Webmin panel, but cannot figure out how to create email accounts! Anyone have experience with this? I tried using this guide, but it seems to be missing a few steps or possibly is outdated. Help!
  5. Hello TGL community! It has been some time since I have posted about Lemorsea, but I am gearing up to begin development once again. I am currently searching for a developer to take on as a partner to get this game up and running. About Lemorsea Lemorsea is an wild horse RPG with a heavy emphasis on lore and character plots. Lemorsea is a unique blend of equine roleplay and virtual pet ownership! Users can create characters using our character builder, claim herds, battle other players (or even entire herds!), and follow our monthly lore release. Players also can interact in the herd forum areas, which also include a few preset actions for additional interaction between characters! Lemorsea is currently divided up into four kingdoms (kingdoms will be ruled by NPC's to start with). Each kingdom will offer 4-6 available herdlands for player character's to claim/begin their story! Current Progress As of now, all art (character + items), game concepts, and a framework has been purchased! I intent to integrate PGF (by design1online), which is very close to completion. In addition to all art, thorough documentation of concepts, and the framework, I also have a few months worth of lore (monthly plot releases) saved up! At this point in time, a developer is the missing piece to the puzzle. I encourage you to take a look at Lemorsea's static pages for a preview of quality! I am very proud of the quality level of the art and page designs, and would love to take on a partner who will grow to love this game/concept as I do. For further consideration and discussion of a potential partnership, please send me a private message or an email to MWarren@celestialequine.com.
  6. I would be interested in Celestial Equine being featured in February! We are still tying up a few loose ends, but should be 100% by the start of February.
  7. Hello again! We have been hard at work tweaking our world club features, and finally have some news for you! As you know, each world has its own club. Clubs have an elected president, which changes each month based on election outcomes. In addition to a president, clubs have championship beauty contests and competitions! These championship activities dole out double the rewards of a regular world beauty contest or competition. Here is a quick overview of changes made: All users can vote in elections! Basic players get 1 vote per club, gold level gets 2 votes per club, silver level gets 3 votes per club, and platinum gets 5 votes per club! Club presidents can approve/deny horse and player registrations Club presidents can initiate championship competitions/beauty contests Club presidents set all club related registration and entry fees Club presidents can modify club information text As a reminder, presidents get double their weekly salary while standing as president. You can be president of more than one club! I highly suggest everyone try out the election process and/or participate in the championship activities. We will be adding special championship accolades to horse profiles in the near future. For those of you interested in running for club president, be sure to collect as many votes as possible! Here is a link to the club portion of our new help section. Next up, we have a brand new breed in the Volcano world! Introducing, the Loraur. Check back soon for more updates, - CE Staff
  8. Crossbreeding is live!

    As many of you have noticed, crossbreeding has been enabled! We opted for an initial "soft release" to ensure we catch major bugs before the whole community gave crossbreeding a whirl. We are pleased to announce no major bugs have been found, though we are quickly working to get remaining breeding related bugs worked out! We also have an A-MAZING thread started for players who would like to showoff their pretty new crosses. You can find that thread here! We will begin working on new breed registration as soon as we knock out the remaining breeding related bugs! Users will be able to register their crosses as new breeds, which will be available in multiple worlds if the Sire and Dam are of different worlds! Once this feature is released, we will post an in-depth guide for this feature including a how-to video. Also, our adorable breeding plushies are fully operational! These little cuties can be found in the Cash Shop, and can be used to force certain breeding outcomes. For example, the Double Trouble plushie will ensure twins from the horse you use this item on! Next, we are working very hard to get the remaining site-text revised and ready for the official opening. Our original Jan 1 date has been pushed back a bit, but we are still open and ready for new players! Here is a short list of areas that will soon be updated: Horse Creation User Inventory Main World Navigation Lastly, we are still planning our server change! We ran into a few issues when looking for a new host, but finally found a great new option. This server change is planned for next week, and will not result in any data loss. We may experience one day of downtime, but I will be sure to send out notice via email newsletter, news post, and social media updates (be sure to follow us on FB, Insta, Tumblr, and Twitter if you aren't already!). For those of you missing World Coins from the new user starter pack, we just pushed one additional world coin to all members! Stay tuned for additional updates! View full news
  9. Dreamhost is AWFUL. I am currently looking to get away from them as well. I am constantly dealing with their "max connection" issue, which is something DH is known for. I recently found Server Pronto, which looks like a good option if you are still looking!
  10. Hello everyone! I am searching for 1-2 additional team members for CelestialEquine.com. Our grand opening date is January 1st, and I am in need of some minor cleaning + small feature modifications. We have the remaining large areas covered, but there's quite a few member suggestions that i'd like implemented. In addition to the member suggestions, I am in the process of revamping the help section. Please message me with the following information if you are interested: - Hourly Rate - Previous experience - Available weekly hours - References Thank you!
  11. The official countdown has begun! Celestial Equine is now 5 days away from the grand-opening, and we need your help knocking out the rest of our unknown bugs. Keep reading for more exciting updates! New breed; the eponine! A new breed has been discovered in the Desert World! The Eponine is known for it's unique feathery mane and silky tail. This majestic breed is not only athletic, but a clear showstopper in the beauty contest arena. Create one today! Happy Wednesday! We officially have 30 entries in our site-wide training competition. You can check out the master list of entries here. Which horse do you think will come out on top? Let us know in the comments! If you missed your chance to enter, don't worry! We will begin hosting these competitions at the club level in the near future Next up, we have quite a few bug fixes to announce! Tack can be re-ordered from the horse-profile. This solves problems with saddle/blanket layering! Players may delete friends from their friends list Tack is limited to 6 items per horse Table issue with chrome browse has been resolved Lastly, we are scheduled for a server change for this week! Our new servers will resolve our maximum connection errors, which currently cause errors in the inventory area. We are not expecting any data loss! This move should could a maximum of 24 hours worth of down-time, but the results are worth it! Faster load time and less timing out errors We will send another email + post updates on all social media before the change happens! I hope you all are having a great week! Stay tuned for additional updates around club changes, crossbreeding, and new breed registration. Crossbreeding is very close for release! We have new natural body colors and need your help assigning them to breeds! Post your suggestions in the most recent news post for consideration! Shown colors: Steel Grey, Rose Grey, Grullo, Chocolate Palomino, Dun, Perlino Dun, Palomino Dun Hop on over to CE and create an account today! Check back soon for more updates! View full news
  12. Happy Sunday! For those of you in the United States, I hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving. We have been hard at work fixing bugs and uploading new items over the weekend! Recent bug fixes: Magenta body color is loading properly Diluted Purple body color is loading properly Body Jewelry Wearable is now loading properly Upgrades automatically added to account Transfer horses bug Quest bug Beauty Contest error Foal age error Purchasing from user shops About me bugs And more! Remember, you can always browse resolved bugs by clicking "Resolved Errors and Bugs" in the forum area! In addition to these bugs, we have also revised breeding a bit! We noticed many players were unhappy with how stats were passed down from the sire and dam, so we have changed the formula to the following ((dam stat + sire stat)/2)*1.3)= foal's stats. We would love your feedback regarding this change! We may modify this formula again and change the points formula back to the old one (otherwise, foal points start out VERY high). What do you all think of this change? Next up, we also have some new wearable releases! We have added the Chiffon Robe, Winter Robe, and the Body Jewelry Wearable to the Cash Shop! Here is a preview of the Chiffon Robe on an Arabian Meyril! Let us know what your favorite update is in the comment area below! View full news
  13. Happy Monday! I apologize for the lack of updates on my end; the holidays are upon us! We got quite a few areas finished up this week, which I am excited to announce. First off, our Top Scores page in each world is up and running! You can check this page out by navigating to any world > click "Top Scores" This page shows the top horse in that particular world, and also ranks players & horses based on earnings/points/player points. This is a fun area for players to strive to appear on! Next up, we have enabled horse retirement! Rather than a death feature, we thought "retirement" would be more fun for players. At age 13, horses can be retired by editing the settings in a horse's profile. This will then move a horse to the "retired" barn, which does not have a storage limit! Only retired horses can be placed in this barn. Once a horse is retired, it is essentially out of play. However, players can still browse their most successful horses in this area! We also have released 8 new grooming items, which can be viewed in the "Newest Items" area. What do you think? Has anyone collected them all? Let us know in the comments! BUG FIXES + SMALL RELEASES: Resolved Mocha body image error Resolved Magenta body image error Enabled foal beauty contests Added Guides, Role-play, and CE discussion forum categories Auto stocked items into user shop Bald foals World Coin errors We will be improving genetic stat inheritance and working through current bugs. Again, please post any bugs you find in our bug forum! We monitor this area very closely and try to address them as quickly as possible. We also take suggestions very seriously as well! We hope to release crossbreeding by the end of this week, so stay tuned for updates around that feature. Happy gaming! - CE Staff View full news
  14. @Kesstryl Did you have a chance to check it out? What did you think? We hope to release crossbreeding and breed registration this week! Finger's crossed!
  15. Keeping a team motivated is VERY important. In my opinion, as the game owner/administrator, you are the person who sets the tone of the whole team or various teams. If you are not motivated and excited, it is highly unlikely that your staff will be. With Celestial Equine, I have experienced many ups and downs from the roller-coaster that goes along with development. From budget issues to unexpected development setbacks, we have experienced it all. Being positive and solution orientated has helped myself and CE's team overcome challenges and stay on-track for our grand opening! Here's a few tips that have helped keep my teams motivated/active: Delegating game duties + creating teams Introducing moderators, writers, artists, and other account levels has not only helped with activity, but as also helped free up additional hours I can spend working on other areas! By offering in-game perks I was able to save time, money, and allow helpful members a chance to pitch-in during development. An admin's biggest mistake is refusing to "loosen the reins" so to speak and try to do everything on their own. This will not work forever. Unless your game is your full-time job, it will be very difficult to manage social media/marketing, manage the community (questions, enforcing rules, etc), develop new ideas, manage various teams (developers, artists, etc), etc. It is better to identify areas you shine as an admin and delegate the rest! You'd be surprised by the talent you may find within your community. I am blown away by the talent I have found within my community! Regular contact with developers, moderators, and other team members I have daily contact with my team members, especially my developers! This helps everyone stay on the same page and trucking forward Regular news updates Being in development means we experience bugs/other issues from time to time. I try to post a news update everyday and send an actual email newsletter for a larger update (for example, breeding). This also cuts down on questions if you keep everyone in the loop and provide updates explaining new releases/new features Contests! Everyone loves an opportunity to win something. Contests are a great way to connect with your community and gain some organically reached new members. A referral contest is easy on a new game's budget and really pumps up your member-base! Incentives I mentioned in-game perks previously, but I do want to stress how important it is to provide some sort of incentive for people's hard work and dedication! This doesn't have to be something HUGE, but even acknowledgment in a newsletter goes a long way. People who know they are appreciated want to stick around!

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