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  1. I am interested in this project! Do you have theme references/style board created for a starting point? Will send a PM.
  2. Haha! And just like that, ad serving limits are back. How obnoxious!
  3. @Bedouin that is exactly where I started my daily spending. Just an FYI, AdSense did flag my account due to the sudden influx of traffic when I first turned it on. I agree word of mouth has been the most impactful marketing outlet for us as well. Thanks for the insight! That is a fair monthly increase.
  4. Hello everyone! I am mulling over my advertising budget (mainly through adWords) and I am curious how other game owners are determining their budget + timing budget increases. What factors are you considering when selecting a daily budget (example; daily adsense earnings, percentage of site earnings, etc)?
  5. Hello all! I am on the hunt for an artist to completed (4) family crest badges similar to this look: The badges should be in CE's item style: Feel free to reach out on Discord or PM me here if you are interested!
  6. Hello! I am looking for a front end dev to fix a few css/html related glitches in my game (www.celestialequine.com). PM if you are looking for work!
  7. @judda Thank you!! Still looking
  8. @MimicTheTruth hello! I should have closed this thread. CE is not for sale at this time.
  9. I really like those books and tulip plushies! Would you be able to modify to fit this style? I think a border adjustment would be sufficient.
  10. Hey all you cool cats and kittens! With all of the craziness going on, I have a bit of extra funds for a few new features over at Celestial Equine! If interested, feel free to reach out on discord to discuss open project options and your rates. I can be reached at Mae#0107!
  11. @Chixulub When I say framework, I am really meaning a completed, live game. My biggest regret is purchasing incomplete work, whether that be a framework OR paying a developer as they went as opposed to a per-feature basis. This has resulted in quite a bit of wasted funds and headache on my end. However, this is just my opinion! I have seen copies of games sold on this forum a few times, so it is worth some research. This route allows for more focus on customization your unique features rather than tons of investment in "standard" features. Best of luck!
  12. Hello there! I am happy to share some of my experience in this area. I hired out for art, design, development, and some writing for my pet site, so you are already on the right track providing the art yourself! Anything you can do on your own, do it. Development is very, very expensive. 1. It is really hard to give you a price range here since there's tons of ways you can go about this part. You can certainly hire a developer to build out your whole initial framework, or you can go down the path of purchasing a copy of a completed game to modify. If I could turn back time, I would have saved enough money to just purchase and modify to fit my needs. I have watched many new games lose steam right after the basics are completed (registration, various profiles, economy areas, etc), which is really sad. You are also spot on with your realization of needing some basic dev knowledge to help keep the cost of maintenance down. Udemy has some awesome videos that are pretty easy to follow! I personally have not found the time to work on my own skills, so this advice is easier to dole out than actually do 2. This part is super easy. I personally use Server Pronto and really like their service. There's quite a few threads on this forum discussing servers! 3. So, generally you would have a front-end designer for the actual UI and a back-end developer for the implementation. Some have both skill-sets, but I generally had my designs converted to HTML/CSS so my back-end dev didn't spend so much time on that aspect. From a cost perspective, this really helped. My front end person charged about $30 for each responsive design, but this would have been triple the price if my back-end dev did both parts due to the difference in their hourly rates. Back-end rates, in my experience, have ranged from $15-$60 per hour. I now work on a "per project" rate so it is easier for me to keep track of a budget. For example, I would send the details of an assignment and a quote/completion date would be generated from those details. 4. The biggest cost will always be development, so it is important to make sure your plan makes sense to avoid costly "do-overs". Trying to take user input/feedback into consideration will also help dramatically! Depending on the type of game you have, I think professional writing is a great addition as well.
  13. Gah, I’m back in the doghouse with AdSense! I have made zero changes to my ad campaign, but I have been flagged once again for invalid traffic. Maybe it’s time to rearrange my ad placement It had been such a great start to the month as well!
  14. UPDATE! My account is still "limited", but ads are running on the site again. I dont know if linking analytics helped, but maybe? I will think twice before going from 0 to 100 running ads in the future! Will update next time I get any sort of correspondence from AdSense.
  15. I am unsure of any other options, unfortunately. Are they giving you any feedback regarding why your site hasn't been approved? How long did it take for your suspension to be announced? This really is enraging because they have 0 issues with charging me for the traffic from AdWords, but its considered "invalid" traffic on AdSense? What in the world? Are you currently advertising anywhere on social media or AdWords? Did you setup Analytics? I feel like I will end up being banned as well despite not having invalid traffic. Maybe removing the ad from my homepage would fix it? I cannot get over how outrageous this is and how they have 0 support!
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