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  1. Hello TGL community! I am looking for three people to carefully review my game (Celestial Equine) with a goal of improving game flow and to cut down on confusion for new members. CE is jam-packed with fun activities but they seem to get lost before new users can really get hooked. We are hoping to fully open (currently in beta) before February 2019, so this is very important to get improved before our grand opening. If interested, please shoot me a PM so we can discuss specific areas that need to be reviewed/improved. If you have experience with design tweaks, this is a plus! Looking to improve the index page (before login) to highlight some of our main features.
  2. Hello all! I am on the hunt for a developer to complete a battle system for CelestialEquine.com. This system should be pretty basic to start with and include the following features: Player vs. Player battles Player vs NPC battles Use of items EXP levels Here are screenshots of the designs we have prepared for this system! One Two Celestial Equine uses PGF by Design1Online, so experience with this framework is a plus! I am wanting to have this feature completed, tested, and released by January 1st at the latest. If interested, please send a PM so we can discuss details of this project and cost.
  3. Looking for quest game

    That would be great! Do you have discord or Skype? I will shoot you a message
  4. Hello! I am on the market for a revamped quest game for www.celestialequine.com. Our current quest feature is very basic and bugged, so I am interested in implementing a new system OR fixing the current issues. Feature Information Celestial Equine has 18 worlds each world having its own quest game. Players have 30 minutes from the time a new quest is started to submit the request item(s). If a player fails to submit the requested item within 30 minutes, the player is reset to level 1. At this point in time, players are being reset to level 1 without failing the quest. This has been very frustrating for our dedicated questing members, so id like this fixed as soon as possible. I am also open to some prize modifications along with the bug fixes! Shoot me a PM if you're interested in taking on this project!
  5. New landing page! We are so excited to release our new and highly improved landing page! As you all know, we are very adamant about listening to suggestions from our users, and one issue that has come up time and time again is how difficult getting started/navigating to certain activities can be. We have assembled a brand-new landing page with easy access the following: Unlocking worlds Competitions Beauty Contests Top stocked shops (based on unique items) Quick links to all world activities This landing page can be seen directly after logging in or by clicking the Celestial Equine logo from our navigation bar. Love the new design? Have suggestions? Let us know in our most recent news post! New Cash Shop Breed! We have a new breed available in the Cash Shop! Special breeds can be found by clicking "Cash Shop" in the navigation bar and then scrolling down to the "Special breeds" section. We are working on adding some easier quick links to help players navigate to this area, but will continue announcing new breeds available for registration in the meantime. Recent bug fixes & more Now - onto the guts of this news update! We have been hard at work sprucing up designs around CE along with improving user navigation. In addition to cranking out a new landing page, we have also managed to resolve bugs associated with entering the Beauty Contests. Each entry page is loading correctly at this time, so it is safe to enter/vote again! We have also released a "grow up" item that reveals a foal's adult form before the age of three, and an item that removes 1 year from your horse's age. Both of these items are available in the Cash Shop! Development plans Lastly, here is a brief breakdown of our development plans for the next two weeks! Quick stocking user shops Setting quantity stocked in user shops (currently stocked 1 at a time) Ability to reorder barns Ability to reorder horses within barns Redesigned search page (and item directory release!) Continued modifications to quest game We will keep you all updated as to when each of these updates are released! Be sure to check out our most recent news post and offer your thoughts. We love hearing from our members! Visit Celestial Equine View full news
  6. Long term developer

    Thank you @judda!
  7. I am interested in a taking a few online courses to learn a few basic PHP skills and am looking for suggestions! There's so many options out there, so i'd hate to select a course that is too difficult to follow or poor quality. If anyone has taken a beginner class lately, id love your feedback and a link!
  8. Long term developer

    Celestial Equine is in search of a developer interested in a long term project! We have officially existed our heavy development stage and have entered the cleaning + small task phase of development. I would prefer a developer who uses Skype or Discord for regular communication, along with a schedule that would allow for 10-20 hours a week. Regular work is very important in order to help continue CE's rapid growth and momentum! Pay is contingent on references, experience, and skills. I am highly motivated to find a permanent fixture and am willing to offer competitive pay! CE is built off of Pet Game Framework, but has been heavily adapted. Experience with PGF is a big plus! If interested, please send me a private message here or shoot me a message on Discord: Mae#0107
  9. I have someone I use on Freelancer.com that is AMAZING. I believe he charged $30 per design. Let me know if you're interested in his contact info!
  10. Hello watchers! The long awaited day is here, and we are so excited to announce breed registration is live! We are in the process of making some minor design updates to the registration area + linking to the breed book. BREED REGISTRATION TIPS: 1) You can view breed eligible for registration by viewing the horse's profile OR navigating to each world to view pending registrations. 2) The breed registration design will be updated to this design: click me 3) Breed registration requires one registration scroll. These can be found in the cash shop! Please be aware we do expect bugs with newly released features! Please report any and all bugs to the forums so we can get them swatted as soon as possible View full news
  11. Hello! I have been meaning to launch a hefty AdWords campaign for Celestial Equine, but simply do not have the time to design new ads. I am looking to have a fresh set of ads every month, so this should be an ongoing deal. I am thinking about 5 ads to start with. To apply, please send example ads, rates and your experience with AdWords via private message. Thank you!
  12. Hey everyone! I recently moved servers and am having a really hard time getting my email accounts setup. I am currently using the Webmin panel, but cannot figure out how to create email accounts! Anyone have experience with this? I tried using this guide, but it seems to be missing a few steps or possibly is outdated. Help!
  13. Hello TGL community! It has been some time since I have posted about Lemorsea, but I am gearing up to begin development once again. I am currently searching for a developer to take on as a partner to get this game up and running. About Lemorsea Lemorsea is an wild horse RPG with a heavy emphasis on lore and character plots. Lemorsea is a unique blend of equine roleplay and virtual pet ownership! Users can create characters using our character builder, claim herds, battle other players (or even entire herds!), and follow our monthly lore release. Players also can interact in the herd forum areas, which also include a few preset actions for additional interaction between characters! Lemorsea is currently divided up into four kingdoms (kingdoms will be ruled by NPC's to start with). Each kingdom will offer 4-6 available herdlands for player character's to claim/begin their story! Current Progress As of now, all art (character + items), game concepts, and a framework has been purchased! I intent to integrate PGF (by design1online), which is very close to completion. In addition to all art, thorough documentation of concepts, and the framework, I also have a few months worth of lore (monthly plot releases) saved up! At this point in time, a developer is the missing piece to the puzzle. I encourage you to take a look at Lemorsea's static pages for a preview of quality! I am very proud of the quality level of the art and page designs, and would love to take on a partner who will grow to love this game/concept as I do. For further consideration and discussion of a potential partnership, please send me a private message or an email to MWarren@celestialequine.com.
  14. I would be interested in Celestial Equine being featured in February! We are still tying up a few loose ends, but should be 100% by the start of February.
  15. Hello again! We have been hard at work tweaking our world club features, and finally have some news for you! As you know, each world has its own club. Clubs have an elected president, which changes each month based on election outcomes. In addition to a president, clubs have championship beauty contests and competitions! These championship activities dole out double the rewards of a regular world beauty contest or competition. Here is a quick overview of changes made: All users can vote in elections! Basic players get 1 vote per club, gold level gets 2 votes per club, silver level gets 3 votes per club, and platinum gets 5 votes per club! Club presidents can approve/deny horse and player registrations Club presidents can initiate championship competitions/beauty contests Club presidents set all club related registration and entry fees Club presidents can modify club information text As a reminder, presidents get double their weekly salary while standing as president. You can be president of more than one club! I highly suggest everyone try out the election process and/or participate in the championship activities. We will be adding special championship accolades to horse profiles in the near future. For those of you interested in running for club president, be sure to collect as many votes as possible! Here is a link to the club portion of our new help section. Next up, we have a brand new breed in the Volcano world! Introducing, the Loraur. Check back soon for more updates, - CE Staff

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