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  1. Hello everyone! I am looking for 1-2 additional developers to help complete the last few tasks remaining before our grand opening! DEV ONE - front end cleaner The first open position is to help optimize a few of our mobile view pages and to clean a few messy designs. This will not include any backend work! DEV TWO - back/front mixture The second position is a mixture of bug fixing and assisting completing our admin panel migration. These features are complete and operational in our old cp but I would like everything to be accessible in one place! If interested feel free to reach out via discord. Mae #0107 is my handle!
  2. I actually have an amazing writer I can refer! I just shot this ad over to her.
  3. Hey there! Based on our AdSense feedback from our three units we had 100,195 page views, 281,355 impressions, and 134 clicks.
  4. Hello all! I am selling two 300x100px ad slots at the footer of Celestial Equine at $20 per month. These ad slots are available to other games, artists looking to promote their personal pages, or other types of websites (so long as they are appropriate). If interested, please shoot me a PM with any questions!
  5. Celestial Equine has huge news! We have launched our first Indiegogo campaign to help fund our database optimization/genetics overhaul, server upgrades, and other various developmental updates! Why indiegogo? Celestial Equine is currently in a live development mode with an amazing, active group of players. We are entering our final phase of development, which includes perfecting our current features, resolving lingering bugs, and most importantly improving our game's load times. In order to speed up Celestial Equine, we are needing a total overhaul of our genetics system. Due to the massive amount of genetics available for players, we have ran into glitches during breeding, breed registration, and an overall lag during browsing and other activities. Here is a breakdown of where the $1,500 will be spent: Genetics Overhaul - $500.00 The genetics update will not only improve load times, but also result in a more interesting breeding experience! In addition to optimizing our database, we also have a new breeding algorithm to introduce! This new genetics feature will allow for carrier genes, incorporate genetics from the parent breeds, and add a rarity factor into the breeding script. Server Upgrades - $500.00 We anticipate a sizeable influx of active players once our load times are resolved, so upgrading our servers is our second most important priority. We would like to raise 3 months worth of server fees + the fee our developer will charge to assist with the move. Our upgraded server will ensure Celestial Equine stays lighting fast! Bug Fixes - $300.00 We have a handful of pesky bugs (errors) remaining that need to be resolved. These fixes will help improve the game experience and allow us to introduce new features! Genetics Management System Upgrades - $200.00 The last bit of our raised funds will go towards upgrading our genetics management admin panel! These upgrades will include the following: Adding a rarity aspect to each gene and integrating into the breeding script Speed up gene uploading process Ability to preview recently uploaded breeds to check for errors All additional funds will go towards new features! As previously mentioned, Celestial Equine is currently in LIVE beta mode, so you can check it out for yourself before deciding to back our project. Our goal is to move from live development by August for a grand opening! Check out the project here to view tiers and gameplay previews!
  6. Hello! I am on the hunt for a dedicated social media/community manager for Celestial Equine. This is a paid position split between USD and in-game perks with the intentions of full USD pay within 6 months. Job Description Knowledge of Instagram, Facebook, tumblr Post weekly news updates on the main game which are then shared onto designated social media sites (this will be based off of our weekly discussions) Host weekly giveaways on Facebook, Instagram and tumblr Participate in weekly user engagement/retention meeting with admin (myself) Manage Instagram ambassador program Schedule 1-2 daily FB and instagram posts Other tasks TBD This position is vital for the growth of celestial equine, so it is important for candidates to have genuine interested in the game! If interested, please email at celestialequine@gmail.com or reach out via Discord.Mae #0107
  7. I am looking for quotes for an achievement system for celestialequine.com. This feature will start out pretty basic but will be built on consistently. Id like to start out with the following achievements: - Unlocking worlds (18 different prizes for 18 different worlds) - Daily login rewards - Referral rewards - Creating first horse This project will also include finishing out this area. If interested, please shoot me a PM with a quote and timeline!
  8. *EDIT* Open to trades/partial trades for programming
  9. Hello TGL! I am selling a VERY large art package from a game I do not intend on completing at this point. This art is amazing, and high quality! I am sad to not see this project through, but am hoping it wll be useful to someone else developing a game! The package includes the following: 7 horse body types 102 items with PSD ABOUT THE BASES The bases include Andalusion, Arabian, Cob, Draft, Teke, Warmblood, Foal, Friesian, and Light Arabian. Each of these bases have interchangeable parts meant for an image layering system. The original files are sized at 1100x1000px. Each base has the following: 8 horn types 9 mane types + over 30 recolors (realistic and unnatural colorings) 12 tail types + over 30 recolors (realistic and unnatural colorings) 6 wing types 5 unnatural markings (giraffe, zebra, cheetah, and other big cat inspired markings) 12 natural markings (roaning, appaloosa, sabino, etc) Long and short leg feathering 6 natural face markings (blaze, star, snip, etc) 4 leg markings (socks, stockings, etc) Over 30 body colors Hooves + over 30 recolors I would prefer to sell the horse bases and items together but am open to breaking them up. I am happy to give previews of the PSDS to serious buyers. Please PM with reasonable offers! NOTE: I would entertain programming trades as payment.
  10. Hello TGL community! I am looking for three people to carefully review my game (Celestial Equine) with a goal of improving game flow and to cut down on confusion for new members. CE is jam-packed with fun activities but they seem to get lost before new users can really get hooked. We are hoping to fully open (currently in beta) before February 2019, so this is very important to get improved before our grand opening. If interested, please shoot me a PM so we can discuss specific areas that need to be reviewed/improved. If you have experience with design tweaks, this is a plus! Looking to improve the index page (before login) to highlight some of our main features.
  11. Hello all! I am on the hunt for a developer to complete a battle system for CelestialEquine.com. This system should be pretty basic to start with and include the following features: Player vs. Player battles Player vs NPC battles Use of items EXP levels Here are screenshots of the designs we have prepared for this system! One Two Celestial Equine uses PGF by Design1Online, so experience with this framework is a plus! I am wanting to have this feature completed, tested, and released by January 1st at the latest. If interested, please send a PM so we can discuss details of this project and cost.
  12. That would be great! Do you have discord or Skype? I will shoot you a message
  13. Hello! I am on the market for a revamped quest game for www.celestialequine.com. Our current quest feature is very basic and bugged, so I am interested in implementing a new system OR fixing the current issues. Feature Information Celestial Equine has 18 worlds each world having its own quest game. Players have 30 minutes from the time a new quest is started to submit the request item(s). If a player fails to submit the requested item within 30 minutes, the player is reset to level 1. At this point in time, players are being reset to level 1 without failing the quest. This has been very frustrating for our dedicated questing members, so id like this fixed as soon as possible. I am also open to some prize modifications along with the bug fixes! Shoot me a PM if you're interested in taking on this project!
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