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  1. As a site owner, I cannot imagine policing discussion of other games. It is silly to think anyone is 100% loyal to a single game or that there aren't ways to find new games.
  2. Bump! We are hiring again to meet our ever growing needs for art. Please DM or reach out via discord to apply!
  3. Do you mean something like this? https://coolors.co/image-picker
  4. I LOVE all of these updates! Here is a cool FB group that may be a good outlet to share these dev updates - https://www.facebook.com/groups/479744962645363 There's quite a few of Red Dead players on there, which reminds me of Horse Fable
  5. We are fully funded! Thank you all for your support and feedback! This has been such a thrilling campaign and we are so excited to announce the Celestial Equine Breed Book is 103% funded with 10 more days to go. We are now hard at work finalizing our cover artwork (various cleaning, balancing the design), sticker designs, and analyzing our samples to select our final printer. If all goes to plan, we will be placing our order of 500 coloring books at the end of September with an expected shipping to backers beginning in November. Additionally, we have began the artwork for our second edition of the Celestial Equine Breed Book! The second edition includes the remaining 50 CE breeds that did not make it into the edition one I will post an additional update here as soon as I get my sticker samples in!
  6. Here is our 20 page lineup! Cant wait to share more!
  7. Happy Friday! Our Kickstarter campaign has officially been selected as a "project we love" by Kickstarter staff! This is very, very exciting and will hopefully help us gain more organic backers from the Kickstarter community. We have also finished 20 out of 50 linearts as of today! This has been such a fun process and it is like Christmas every time I open a new lineart file. Here is a preview of the breeds completed this week! In addition to the three new breeds completed, I have started making side by side comparison graphics pairing a breed book lineart with its in-game art. I started with the Klaud today since it is a personal spooky favorite of mine. Lastly, I do want to mention the physical coloring book will arrive in time for the holidays *wink wink* ! Thanks for reading! I will post a lineup of all 20 linearts later on this weekend
  8. Exceptional color placement! He did a great job
  9. Hello again! We have officially concluded our first week of fundraising and are 20% to goal! This has been such an outstanding start. To celebrate I am sharing 1 instant download coloring page for the TGL community. Feel free to share what you have colored!
  10. Yes - Ella completed our lines! She has done a fantastic job and I am completely blown by with her versatility! Thank you @TonyWatkinsArt and @judda! I will be sharing a page here shortly for TGL members to enjoy.
  11. Hello everyone! We have officially launched our exciting Kickstarter campaign to bring the beauty of Celestial Equine to life through producing a coloring book suitable for all ages. In order to ensure this fun coloring book arrives in time for the holidays, we made the decision to release our Breed Book in two editions. This 50-page coloring book will serve as edition 1 of the Celestial Equine Breed book. We hope to release an edition 2 and other themed coloring books in the near future! For this run, we have selected 50 of our favorite CE original breeds to reimagine as a beautiful lineart style version suitable for coloring. Official Book Specifications: - 100gsm paper - Perforated - Soft touch cover with foil stamping - Single sided pages The Breed Book is available in both print and digital versions to ensure artists can enjoy this book regardless of their preferred medium. We cannot wait to see what beautiful art comes from this book! In addition to the coloring book, we are also releasing a variety of stickers to accompany the print edition. I will post previews of these fun stickers in a few days as we are still waiting for our samples to arrive. However - the photo previews are fantastic! I will post regular updates here with additional previews of the coloring book as we approach completion as well as exclusive previews of our sample books! Check out the campaign here!
  12. Another great option would be to join similar games to see how active their forums are. Other horse games such as Horse Reality, Equiverse, etc have very active forums so I take that as confirmation that players feel the need to have them for interactive purposes. Id say only 25% of CE's active players use the Discord but that will vary from game to game.
  13. This is a pretty straight forward answer! Just based on the google analytics of CE, the forums are consistently one of the most heavily accessed area (in the top 20 most visited pages). I imagine this statistic is pretty similar across the board on other games. I do feel that Discord is a fad integration and it would be detrimental for any game if this platform "went down" without any backup communication source (forums).
  14. I highly recommend @CynicalRaptor! HE has produced fantastic item assets for Celestial Equine.
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