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  1. Edit: currently looking at some alternative options.
  2. I don't and haven't seen a lot of trading going on. I started out as an artist and learned PHP/MySQL, JS, AJAX, etc. because I couldn't afford to commission someone for it or the commissions fell through. From my experience, coders are harder to commission. You have to worry about security and how their work will affect you in the longrun. Buying some art here and there is a lot easier, though, and usually less investment.
  3. What kinds of things (or specific things) have you enjoyed working on the most? What features or aspects of coding get you really pumped? For me, I really like working with iMagick, image layering, and breeding systems.
  4. I’m not sure if this is of much help, but you could try turning strict mode off in your php ini file and see what happens. When I updated to php 7, strict mode caused my site to stop working and I had to turn it off temporarily while updating our code according to the new version documentation. That might not be it though. if your error is caused by a specific class, I would make sure that the class is working correctly.
  5. My Adopts - View all of your adopts, create folders, and sort them any way you'd like. - Place adopts into your storage, which provides extra space (players can have hundreds of slots without having to upgrade thanks to the storage system). - Get more slots as your level up. You can also get additional stacking slots with account upgrades and permanent slot purchases. Adopt Search - Find adopts for sale, of a species, color, gender, and numerous advanced searching options. - The search includes all adopts (including ones in storage) on the site that are owned
  6. Gameplay Features 4dopt can also be played as a pet site without creating anything. Here are some of the gameplay features in action! Explore - Choose from a variety of areas to explore in. Unlock more areas by leveling up. Each month has its own special area that is available only during that month of each year. There is also a special area for upgraded players. - Find adopts, either newly spawned ones or respawned adopts. - Adopts you find depend on where the artists chose to put them, and come in different rarities. OR, you may find adopts that other players 'donated'
  7. Item Creation - Unlike species, items are a single file (no layers), but you can upload recolors as separate items. - Create an item name and description. - Choose a collection category (categories include rocks, critters, books, flowers, etc.) so players can collect your item (all items are collectible). - Choose a main function/use for your item. This will ensure that your item has at least one in-game use, whether its giving EXP points to adopts, giving exploring energy, giving the player some account EXP, random points, catching items, or expanding inventory space. - Allow oth
  8. Glad you like the idea! The site is less than a year old, here's some features it has so far. Species Creation - Name your species - Add description - Add credit for artists (can add multiple, this will grant permission for them to view and add their artwork if you wish to set up collaborations) - Add artwork (upload each layer, a multifile uploader is available for upgraded users) - Set your layer order, i.e. base on the bottom, lines on top. You can use this for watermarks, backgrounds, and foregrounds too. - Set the 'essential' layer (lines, shading, base, etc.) tha
  9. Updated the first post with a features list! 4dopt is open for testing with the code earlyaccess and we will be opening to the public in December.
  10. 4dopt.com is now open for testing! create your own species set rules on population & more interspecies breeding advanced marking inheritance system create recolors layering system with built-in recolorability auctions, raffles & shops sell adoptables and items YOUR way create items choose from a number of functionalities collections collect items of all different types post as character roleplay and chat as your adoptables
  11. Thank you, Judda! This looks great =D
  12. How many things on the page: $perpage = 100; Then put this after to get the page number from the URL if (isset($_GET["page"])) { $page = $_GET["page"]; } else { $page=1; }; $start_from = ($page-1) * $perpage; This add this to the end of the select query of things youre paginating. LIMIT $start_from, $perpage Then you just need to gather the links to the pages (in another query but without the limit).
  13. Not me personally. I like things I can collect, and usually you only get to make one HA so it doesnt keep me going.
  14. $query = mysqli_query($connect, "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '$username'"); $row = mysqli_fetch_array($query); $usermoney = $row["money"]; This will get the user based on their username, and allow you to display their money. echo $usermoney; If it worked, you'll be able to display the user's money like this. This is all assuming that you have the user's name contained in the $username variable. If you don't have $username set, it won't work. You can set $username with a session or cookie. This also assumed you have your PHP/MYSQL database connection set up and co
  15. Hello everyone! I want to share a little insider look at our advanced marking system and Artist CP on warrenz.net. I was going to post in our update thread, but this seems like a topic all its own. This system has been working wonderfully and the artists have been having a lot of fun with it (along with players). So here it is! The Crystal Cave The Crystal Cave is where users can apply markings to their rabbits, or just view them. ^ Above is the 'all rabbits at once' view. If you want to see what all of your rabbits in a certain pose or gene would look like, you have the
  16. Hare


    Updates since December 19th A lot has been happening these past few months! We have been working on smoothing out the marking system features, fixing bugs, improving our staff panels, and streamlining gameplay. Thank you all for your comments and I'm glad you're enjoying the updates =D Features - New blocking features have been added so you can now block sales/auctions in addition to forums and messages. - Guides have been added for the marking system. All Litters When viewing all litters, you can now quickly and easily set all prices at once or choose whether to keep
  17. Just posting to wish you luck, and also mention that I had a similar issue with a programmer by the name of Gabby quite a few years back. Gabby had used a Laravel script for mine, if that’s of any help. It was redone afterwards.
  18. This is sad, yeah I hear about this a lot. Where I was from, there were a couple judges with a reputation of giving custody to Mom despite evidence that she wasn’t providing adequate care for kids. I watched a lot of male clients lose their kids to women who were just so spiteful. They’d throw their own kids under the bus without batting an eye. Sometimes even the kids didn’t want to be around Mom and they’d tell you just how nutty she is, yet Dad is lucky if he gets weekends. Sometimes I think they knew they could get away it because of society’s inclination to assume that women are better p
  19. There are definitely differences and inequalities, but it's very complicated and varied. The biggest thing I notice is that people focus a lot on gender, think in terms of gender, and this is the root of many problems. Like the common misunderstanding that feminism is about women and that women's issues are disonnected from men's. In reality, women's and men's issues are often one and the same. For example: in family law, sometimes judges may be biased to assume that the moms should get custody of kids simply because they are women, thus causing fathers to lose custody in divorce c
  20. Agreeing that form submission / validation and forum are tedious. Though the worst for me is CSS and layout compatibility/responsiveness... having to test out how it looks on all different devices, browsers, get t all perfectly balanced to any screen size and still look good.
  21. He said he had trouble paying for servers back when it went down, so I sent some donations and offered help (I had been donating for years). He got pretty mad at me and to this day I don't really understand why. It was out of the blue. I don't think anyone's out to trash him here. If he wants to reach out and help the community or give us a reason to trust him again, he can.
  22. Yes, there's a MULTIPLY constant you can use when you layer the images. $imgshadinglayer = new Imagick("shading.png" ); //this creates the new image from your PNG file $img->compositeImage($imgshadinglayer, Imagick::COMPOSITE_MULTIPLY, 0, 0); //now layer that over your previous layer using multiply
  23. I wish I had a use for these! They're very pretty.
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