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What resources do you use when coding?

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I started off programming in 2003 on the urging of some dude from neopets. I initially learned from places like TechTuts and TutorialNinja(formerly RMB-Scripting). After picking up the super basics of php and sql, I went back to pick up html, css and javascript. Somewhere along the way, I picked up Visual Basic and C# for the funsies, video tutorials, and other various sites found via google searching. Back in 2008-2009 I started using frameworks with codeigniter being my first. I’ve since learned basics of LUA and Java and a far deeper knowledge of php/sql. Never not learning something new, i find something, research how I might go about doing it then just trial and error until I get it working how I want it.

As of 2014-2015, I started using Laravel as my goto framework for projects and I regret nothing. NetTuts and Laracasts are great resources for learning how it work, and all the rest was just tinkering on and off and a lot of googling.

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I Started programming in 2016 with basic html because i am tech savvy i utilise following technology and equipments for programming :-

1) Visual Studio Code - Best editor and easy to use.

2) Asus Laptop with Intel i5 8th Gen + 8 gb Ram

3) Gitlab - for private repo and backup of the script.

4) Wamp software - it act as a local server to test out my scripts...

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3 hours ago, judda said:

Programming is a life long journey of growing and learning more.  There are so many different ways to get started with programming, were there any helpful things out there that you used to help you get started? Or that you continue to use as you program and grow?

Like tools and utilities, or like documentation and reference sites?

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I code mostly in Python, so I just read the Python documentation. And docs for whatever external modules I might be using.

Other than that, if I'm stuck and need to look at examples or the sort, Googling usually leads me to Stack Overflow.

For tools and stuff:

Sublime Text 3: Editor (Doubles as an IDE with the right plugins, and is way faster than any other JS based editor or IDE)

Git: Version control

Gitlab: Hosting code. Private repos are free.

KeepassXC: Secure password management, because reusing passwords automatically spells your doom, and remembering upwards of 400 passwords is like trying to remember what keys look like instead of just having them on a keychain.

I run linux, so most of everything else I use is platform specific and might not be of much help to the majority.

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